Playing with new thread…..

I found some “new to me” thread this week and thought I’d share with you my little test I did with it.
Here’s the fun little pack of threads I found at a local quilt shop – the last package they had – my greedy little hands snagged it up right away.  Here’s a little description I found online about this thread:
 Invisafil Thread is very fine 100 Weight 2 ply soft poly thread. Invisafil Thread is excellent for hand or machine quilting and appliqué, bobbin thread and precise piecing. If you do NOT like the feel of monofilament, Invisafil Thread is an excellent alternative because of its matte finish and very fine weight disappears into fabric.

Above is one of my blocks for my Dear Jane quilt that I tested this thread on.  Reverse applique no less – It’s been fun stitching this one!

Above is a close up shot of the applique – Notice how the thread has just disappeared into the fabric?  I love this look – really you cannot see the thread unless you start really digging into those seams! (Quilt Police – don’t be digging into my seams now – I’m not perfect!  LOL)

Here’s a quick photo of some of my applique thread stash.  I love using the YLI silk threads too – to me they seem the same as this new Invasifil that I bought and easier to find on the market today.  While doing a quick search online for more Invisafil – you can find a few places that sell this thread – but not as many compared to those that sell the YLI.  I also just ordered in a couple spools of Superiors “Kimono” silk threads to try out also.  I read some good reviews on the Superior silk thread, so I though I’d give it a try also.

I’m also an “Aurifil” girl.  Love my 50 wt cotton threads from them for applique too.  Actually I like this thread for piecing also and I’ve hand quilted with it!

I did test out the Invisafil thread while hand piecing some blocks and really liked how it worked.  The thread is so thin that it doesn’t “use” much space in those seams and makes for a perfect finished size block.

Have a great weekend everyone.  We’ll be busy trying to stay cool in this heat and starting to get ready for our upcoming family vacation.  Vehicle maintenance, four wheeler and dirt bike repairs – well those 2 things are on the “boys” list for this weekend – I have nothing to do with those things except drive them!  LOL

Me – I need to get started gathering up all the important or more necessary “vacation” things – in other words – I’m getting my sewing supplies together so I can maintain my sanity while we make a 9 1/2 hour trip back to beautiful West Virginia to be with my family!