Splendid Sampler 2 Day!!

Welcome to our blog! Today is my day on the Splendid Sampler Sew-a-Long and above you see my block, Majestic Mountains which can be found on page 33 of the Splendid Sampler 2 book!
I’ve enjoyed quilting along with everyone on the Splendid Sampler group on Facebook for the past several months and hope each of you has enjoyed yourself also!
I love being surrounded by beauty and peace. That beauty includes gorgeous fabrics to spark my imagination, beautiful scenery in the Appalachian Mountains where I live and work and sparkling people with phenomenal personalities. The mountains where I live inspired my “Majestic Mountains” block for The Splendid Sampler 2.
When you are prepping to make this block, trace your templates very carefully and cut directly on the sewn lines. I also recommend you lay out the quilt block pieces in each row prior to sewing them together – this will help to sew them in the correct order in which you want them to appear. 
I also recommend you lightly draw your 1/4” sewing lines on the back of each shape. I enjoy doing this with my block because it gives me a reference line to follow when I pin my pieces together prior to using the sewing machine. But the biggest reason I recommend this – when you draw your 1/4” lines on the wrong side of each of the fabric shapes – you have now given yourself a spot on each of the shapes to easily match up to its partnering shape and ensure you have lined everything up correctly!!   For example:
Notice how I have laid the fabric shapes on top of each other in the photo above? Also notice the white “hands” pointing to the upper and lower points of the triangle shapes? These are two excellent “points” you will match up on the top and bottom fabric shapes. Use a pin and insert it through the top fabric entering right on the “point” where the drawn lines neat on the top of the shape and then also do the same for the points on the lower portion of the top and bottom shapes. Once pinned – Sew! Repeat this for each of the shapes and you will have perfectly matched shapes!
To thank each of you for following along on this fun Sew-A-Long we have a special treat for you today!  We are offering 25% off of all of our patterns on our website from now until April 27, 2019.  Visit our website at:
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The code can be used as many times as you like from now until it expires.  (please note if you order printed patterns that we need to ship to you – please know it may take us up to 5 business days to ship your order – we live very remotely in the mountains and we do not have a postal delivery route. With that being said – PDF file patterns are faster for you to access!)
Here are today’s four blocks introduced on The Splendid Sampler Journey:
Cath Hall: Stars Above
Tammy Vonderschnitt: American Spool
Jane Davidson: In The Hoop
Tara Baisden (me): Majestic Mountains
Have a wonderful Day!

Splendid Sampler II Blocks and Sew-A-Long

Today I wanted to update my website and upload all the photos of the blocks we have created for The Splendid Sampler 2 Sew-A-Long so far.  We are 3/4 of the way through on our Sew-A-Long that is happening on FaceBook right now! But you can always jump in at any time and stitch along with us!
We are one of the designers included in this book, our block Majestic Mountains can be found on page 33.  And here it is…….
 Our Majestic Mountains Block from The Splendid Sampler 2 Book
This is the original block in the book using the colors provided for the original quilt.  I’m remaking this blocks in reproduction fabrics to blend with the rest of my quilt blocks I have made so far on this journey! 
Get ready for picture overload – here our the blocks we have sewn so far!

I hope you enjoyed viewing all of our Splendid Sampler 2 Quilt Blocks!
I’m off to sew a few more blocks from the book – enjoy your day!

Little LeMoyne Star Monday & Mrs. Miller’s Apprentice Quilt

I had a nice relaxing weekend hand stitching some more Little LeMoyne Star blocks. These little hand-pieced treasures are addicting!  I also worked a bit more on the layout for my stars and so far, I’m happy with it.  I need to tweak my measurements just a tad bit more, but I really like it so far! I’m using a set of quilt stamps for the actual LeMoyne Star blocks, but the layout (the pink fabric around the blocks in the center of my photo) I had to draw myself.  I’ll probably upload it to my website to share with those of you interested in it after I’m sure I have the measurements exact for templates!
This morning I worked on my Mrs. Miller Apprentice BOM. I am so in love with this fabric line by Pam Buda for Marcus Fabrics.  The name of the fabric line is the same as the BOM – Mrs. Miller’s Apprentice.  Gorgeous shades of blues and creams and ivories. This fabric line is available in quilt shops now.
This is going to be such a gorgeous quilt and I look forward to participating in this year long project! If you haven’t made any of Pam’s creations – her company name is Heartspun Quilts.  Her directions in her patterns are phenomenal and she uses excellent graphics in the directions also!


I also downloaded a book recently that peaked my interest.  For those of you that don’t know – I love to read. I have many different favorite authors, but this past weekend this book by Patricia MacDonald really caught my attention.  So far – I love it!!! The Girl In The Woods is the name of the book and you can click on the amazon link above to read more about it!
And I almost forgot to post about our Splendid Sampler II blocks!  Some of you may follow me on FaceBook and Instagram – but if not – here are my blocks from this past week 
Are you making the Splendid Sampler II quilt?  


If you haven’t already purchased your copy of The Splendid Sampler II book – just click on the book image above and it will take you right to Amazon where you can purchase a copy of the book and even the kindle version (which is awesome by the way!)
I think I should do a blog post this week and update all of you here also on all the blocks I have completed for The Splendid Sampler II quilt.  I am part of a Sew-A-Long on Facebook and we post our blocks every week as we get them done! It’s “sew” much fun!
Have a wonderful Monday!