Poem About Quilts

I found this cute little poem this morning on FaceBook and thought I would share.
In this photo is my Grandma Baisden, marking a quilt!
In that far back-bedroom
without no heat in,
Granny pulled those quilts
way up to our chin.
Two little brothers,
each by my side,
were tucked in snug
like they were tied.
We could hardly breathe—
there was more than one,
each so heavy,
seemed like a ton.
There was no tossin’
or movin’ ‘round—
those quilts held us tight
like we were bound.
From the time she tucked us
‘til mornin’ light,
we were warm as puppies
on a three-dog night.
I could see the moon
thru’ window shinin’
as I crept off to sleep
with no tears or whinin’.
For ya see I favored
Granny’s warm ol’ quilts,
an’ I’d dream of playin’
on skates or stilts,
‘Cause life was peaceful
an’ without a care—
safe an’ secure
as we lay there.
Back in that bedroom,
way down the hall,
where under those quilts
we moved—not at all.
‘Til Granny released us
when she opened the door,
an’ our feet felt the cold
when they hit the floor.
I’ll remember Gran’s quilts
‘til my dyin’ day,
an’ wish I was still sleepin’
in that cozy way.
Author~ Don Garris
Raleigh County

A Quilt My Daughter Made

My daughter decided last week to make a quilt for her teachers wife that is due to have a baby any day now.  She drew out her own pattern and selected fabrics from my stash!  (shown above)
And here is the finished quilt!  It’s about 36″ square and I think she did a wonderful job!
She wrapped it all up and was so proud of herself.  It is being delivered today! Ashley is 14 years old and has taking a basic sewing/quilting class about 2 years ago.  Her skills get better and better!

Sharing Fabric

Today’s post is about my Aunt Julie’s beautiful scrappy quilts. My Aunt makes quilts for herself and also to sell.  I really want to thank all of my friends that have been cleaning out their own stashes of fabric and giving what they don’t want to me to give to my Aunt.  I’m not going to point fingers and point out who they are – but I just want to thank them again because it really means a lot to me. Fabric is really hard to come by where my aunt lives and my friends have been so generous in their giving.  I’ve shipped her boxes and boxes of fabric and have another one building it’s way up to being full.  This is what my Aunt does for a living – makes and sells quilts.  At least she has a fun job!
Enjoy these pictures of some of her quilts and always remember – don’t throw any fabric away – there is always someone or some organization out there that will use it!
Enjoy the picture show!


Cutting up Scraps and My Great Aunt’s Quilts!

Today I’m busy cutting up 3 1/2″ squares to send to my Great Aunt Columbia Jane.  She likes brighter colors, so I’ve dove into my 1980’s and ’90’s fabric bins and started cutting.  I also order some squares off of eBay.  She’ll enjoy this box when she receives it, I think!
Here are some pictures of the quilts she has made.  She is in her upper 80’s and still piecing!
Here she is a couple of years ago holding one of her creations.  And here are some other quilts she has made! Enjoy the show!


Happy Valentines Day

Happy Valentines Day to each of you!
Yesterday after posting about this beautiful quilt that by Great Aunt gifted to me:
I started thinking back to a few years ago when she first showed me this quilt.  I was utterly consumed with this quilt and so amused and delighted with it – that I went back to her house twice that day to take more pictures and measurements so that I could draft the pattern. And do you know – she still remembers that day and that is how she decided upon this quilt to send to me.  She remembered how much I loved it!
My memory was also jolted a bit yesterday into remembering that this quilt pattern used for this exact quilt was originally given to my Great Aunt and my Grandmother by my Great Grandmother Juliana!  How neat!
Anyhow – here is a link to the post where I first spoke about this quilt in April, 2010!
Last night, I went on a mad search through my quilting cupboard to locate the sample I sewed up two years ago after returning from my visit to see family.  That’s how intrigued I was with this quilt! This original quilt that I now proudly own is a bit smaller in the finished product than a pattern I found for it in a printed publication – but you still get the same over all effect with slightly larger pieces!
I have located the pattern for this quilt that was originally published in one of the Aunt Martha’s publications, If you would like to order the booklet – or search for it in your stash of quilting patterns – it was printed in Issue #3230 titled Aunt Martha’s Favorite Quilts and is located on page 12.  You can order this booklet that is still in print on the Aunt Martha’s website!

I’m Crying Like A Newborn Baby Today!! (In A Good Way!)

Oh my!
Many of you that follow my blog may remember me speaking in the past of my dear sweet Great Aunt Columbia Jane.  That woman has gone and put me in tears today – in a good way though!
Last week a cousin of mine FaceBooked me a private message and told me to be on the lookout for a package from my Great Aunt.
It arrived today.
Here’s the next phase of opening my package – this is where the tears started to flow.  I knew I was receiving a quilt at this point and the letter enclosed was so precious and will soon be framed and hung in my sewing room.
At this point I’m crying and shaking because I’m so excited.  I can hardly stand the anticipation, but I continue slowly unfolding the quilt to enjoy this thrill and take photos for you!
Look at this incredible backing and the wonderfully delightful hand quilting!
And here is the quilt!
Here is a close up for you!
And of course a picture of Bella – she had to inspect the quilt herself!
Oh dear sweet Great Aunt of mine – you made my day!  I had not intended on blogging today because I’m buried under a pile of paper work and I’m writing pattern instructions today, – but in the back of my mind I kept nagging at myself to blog about something!!!  This surprise is very much welcomed to my day today!  It was so wonderful to take a mini break to go upstairs to check to see if the mail had been delivered and see this delightful box waiting for me on my front steps.
I was like a kid in a candy store opening it up. I wish my kids would have been home to take pictures of me during each step of me opening this box, because you all would have gotten a good laugh out of it – I was jumping up and down, crying, shaking – you name it – I did it all!
Now, I will continue my day, wrapped in my warm and wonderful quilt in my freezing cold basement office, happily typing away on my computer and writing these pattern instructions with a big huge grin on my face!
Love you Great Aunt Columbia Jane – you are such a treasure to me and our family!

2 Finishes This Week!!!!

I am having sew much fun in my sewing room this week!
I finished this yesterday:
This is Weaving The Rails and is designed by Kathie Holland of Inspired By Antiques Quilts Blog !

Here’s a picture of Bella again – she says to tell you all hello!

Sometimes friends come into your life by surprise.  I’m glad to have a really good internet friend who can make me smile with just a simple text, email or comment on my blog.  We’ve never met in person, have only talked on the phone one time – but we hope to rectify that and meet some day!    What a treasure she is to me,  she has helped me work through some dark and depressing moments, inspired me to sew, created excitement in me when I was feeling low and is just an over all kind and sweet person. This person suggested a little something to add to those blocks in this quilt that I talked about the other day – you know the ones with the same fabric located in the same position in the same row!  Here’s a reminder:

Here’s what she suggest via text and I jumped on the idea!

Words that mean something to me written on each of the strips!

When life gives you scraps…… make a quilt!

Family, Friends, Love and Peace – 4 words that mean a lot to me

New Beginnings 2012.  This one is important to me also, as this year will be a year of many new things for me and also getting back to what I truly love to do – designing and playing with fabrics.

I also started working on this project yesterday:

This project was inspired by Keryn of the blog titled “Quilting Twin”.  She’s working on her scraps and trying to bust them a little.  After working on my scrappy rail fence quilt, I realized I had a bunch of leftovers.  I trimmed all the leftover rail fence bits and pieces to 4″ wide and then cut the other fabric to 6″ wide strips and started going to town after I realized Keryn’s project would be the perfect thing for me to do also to help finish up those extra bits and pieces! This will be a work in progress and might take me a bit to finish as I’ll probably have to piece more 1 1/2″ wide strips together!  Thanks Keryn!

I’m also piecing 2 1/2″ strips together to work on this scrappy project:

Spider Web blocks – this should be a blast to work on and it will really put a dent in all my white, cream and red scraps!

Here’s a sneak peek at an up and coming project I’m working on.  I’ll be teaching in March at a retreat and I’m working on a special wool project just for them!  This weekend I’ll be hand stitching this also!

Yesterday we received a whopper of a storm here.  So after trying to clean up the driveway and sidewalks a bit, we decided it was time for a little fun!

Now granted, after using the snow-blower twice yesterday and realizing that the vibration in the handles was making my hands ache a little – I decided not to play on the quad in the snow.  The vibration from the handles on that Quad machine would have probably aggravated my recovery from carpal tunnel surgeries, so I played photographer instead and baked a few Chocolate Chip Cookies for the riders when they were done playing.  I’ll be back to riding my Quad this summer, now it’s time for me to continue healing so I’m back to 100%!

Here’s a few other snow pictures from this morning:

Picture of the snow on my deck rail.  From my measurements – we received well over the 3″ to 6″ predicted.  More like 8″ if my calculations are correct!

A photo across the fence in our back yard – I love this neighbors shed – I really want one like this!  So old fashioned looking!  Would look great in my yard!

And now I need to get ready for our busy weekend.  We have a birthday party this evening and I am baking the cake!  A triple layer chocolate cake with strawberry filling and cream cheese frosting!  I’ll take pictures to share, if I remember!

Here’s a picture of my Grandma quilting.  This is the only picture that I’m aware of that exists of my Grandma at her quilt frame.  The quilt she is working on is still in my family, my dear Aunt Julie has it and sleeps under it often.

This is my Grandma, Lucille Baisden.  She was my Dad’s Mom.  She left us several years back and we miss her so much. I was thinking about her a lot a couple days ago and decided to scan this photo to share.  I showed it on FaceBook and it brought on a good discussion between family and friends. According to my Aunt, the yellow fabric used in this quilt was from one of her dresses.  She’s drawing out her quilt pattern here.  She used a simple string tied to a pencil.  She held the string and then drew out her baptist fans pattern on many of her quilts.  She also quilted on a quilting frame that my Grandpa made for her.  It was one of those wonderful old quilting frames that could be raised up to the ceiling when not in use and lowered when she took the notion to quilt, which was often.  The frame was stored on the ceiling of the family room when not in use. Thankfully, the quilt frame is also still in the family!

Family Quilts

I woke up this morning with my great Aunt on my mind.  She recently has been stumbling and falling a little and had to be taken to the doctor last week for a cut on her leg from one of those falls.  She put quite the scare into all of us!  My great Aunt Columbia is my oldest living relative in our immediate family.  She is such a gem and still lives on her own and quilts on a daily basis.  She has this wonderful old quilt frame in her bedroom that is hung from the ceiling and “let down” when it’s time to quilt.  She has not been doing a lot of hand quilting lately as it’s hard for her now.  But she still peddles away on her treadle sewing machine!
Above are 2 photographs that she gave to me this past November when we went down for a visit.  I treasure these photos.  Both of these quilts were sold some years ago and I would so love to stumble upon them one day, but what are the chances of that.  I would also like to find out the names of the quilt patterns – so if you have any idea what the blocks are called – leave me a comment!
You might remember me speaking of my great Aunt in the past here on the blog and on FaceBook.  Here’s a photo of her:
In this photo is my Aunt Teresa on the left, great Aunt Columbia in the middle helping to hold up one of her beautiful creations and then on the right is my Aunt Julie.  All three of these women are quilters in my family and each of them are special to me.  They also have a quilt named after them in my new book
which my favorite boy in brown lovingly known as Mr. UPS will be delivering today.  He better have that hand dolly ready to haul all those boxes of books up the driveway!  Knowing me – I’ll probably run down the driveway and give him a huge hug when he pulls up.  I just cannot put into words how utterly excited I am about this book.  To think – it’s somewhere on a truck in my town right now – so close, yet just not here yet – I wish he had a GPS tracking system where I could stalk his every move (just kidding, I am not a stalker!)!
Here’s another pretty creation my great Aunt made.  I will make a quilt just like this one day – colors and all – just like this one!  I so love this quilt!

A Little Eye Candy

Well, as I sat here this morning trying to patiently wait for the Fed Ex truck to get here and bring me a replacement part for my printer – I received a few fun photos on FaceBook!  Look at this eye candy!  My Aunt has been one busy person lately!

This photo above is from a pattern that appeared in the May/June 2008 issue of Fons & Porters Love Of Quilting Magazine!  Isn’t it pretty!  This is one that is on my “to-do” list for sure! It’s called “Spin Wheel”.

Oh and what do we have here!  This is from one of my patterns that was in the Fall 2008 issue of Quilts & More magazine! It’s called Ease into Autumn!  So pretty!

And this one above is a must make too!  I love it – but I’m having a memory lapse and can’t remember the name of it!
Look at the pinks and browns!  OOOOO – I have to get this pattern, I know I’ve seen it somewhere but my mind is blank – I’ve got a case of what we in the industry call “Quilt Market Brain” right now!  LOL
This one is going to be a beauty when it’s finished!  Pinks and yellows- yum!  How delicate looking!
And look at these pretty little victorian boots!  These just scream my Aunt completely! They are so precious!
And these pretty blocks remind me of my Grandma.  She made a quilt for me with a similar block on it and I just treasure it!  I wish I could get pictures of all the quilts my Grandma made for each of her grandbabies.  What a nice photo album that would make.  She made a lot of quilts in her lifetime and I would give anything to be able to see them all now.
Well, my Aunt has been pretty busy lately making lots of beautiful quilts!  Wow – I need to get down there for a visit soon and see these gems in person!  Keep sewing Aunt Julie!  Love you!

My Great Aunt’s Quilts

I was going to wait until tomorrow to post these pictures, but I just couldn’t wait. (warning – this post is very heavy with photos!)  Here are some good old fashioned quilts.  Quilts like the ones that I grew up seeing that my Grandma had made.

My Great Aunt Columbia Jane is a quilter and has been for many, many years.  I’ve seen many of the beauties she has made.  Her and my Grandma used to exchange quilting patterns.  Anyhow,  Miss Columbia Jane has been a very, very busy lady this winter.  She has had the “pedal to the metal” on her treadle machine.  Here is proof (and this is only a few – she claims to have gone through “probably” 50 spools of thread this winter!):

This is my favorite so far – but I love them all!  My Aunt Julie (who is a quilter also!) cut the diamonds for this quilt — by hand – the good old fashioned way – tracing a template and cutting with scissors!  Do you not love this!


Is this one not cool!

Aunt Columbia Jane gave one of these pieced blocks to myself, my Aunt Julie and my Aunt Teresa on one of our visits.  I treasure that little pieced block!  It’s on display in my sewing room and makes me smile each time I look at it!

My Grandma made me a quilt using this block!  I believe it was a Mountain Mist pattern.

This one’s a tad blurry – but I had to post it.  Aunt Columbia did not enjoy these triangle pieces “from what I hear”  LOL  You see – I cut out a gazillion (ok probably not that many – but it was a lot!) of pieces last  August and when we went down for our family reunion I “gifted” my Aunt Columbia with triangles, squares and diamonds – and I think there was another shape too – but I can’t remember now.  Anyhow there was 3 or 4 shoe boxes stuffed full of pieces.  I new this would make Aunt Columbia so happy and it would help pass the time of day and make the “cutting chore” a bit easier on her.  Aunt Columbia has never used a rotary cutter – she traces everything using a template and then cuts the shapes out with scissors.  Well, she hasn’t wasted any time piecing these quilts!  Goodness – she’s 83 years old and she’s sewing circles around me!

Pack to the triangles – “from what I hear” through the family grapevine – I didn’t cut out enough triangles to make a quilt top and poor Aunt Columbia had to cut some more.  Well, she’s had enough of triangles for awhile let’s just say.

It’s really funny that I received copies of these quilts today.  She’s been on my mind this past week and I’ve been cutting up more scraps in my spare time so that I can bring more shoe boxes full of fabric shapes the next time we get back to West Virginia where she lives.  I probably have 300 or more diamonds cut and probably about the same in triangle shapes – to be made into half square triangles – not the triangles from above!  LOL  And my scrap bin is looking mighty pitiful right now because I’ve cut a lot of shapes for my hand piecing that I do during my travels to and from quilt shows (and stitching to work on while sitting in the booth during dead times). But my scraps are mostly reproduction or muddy type colors and as you can see above, by Great Aunt is all about color!  Anyhow – if any of you has scraps – send them my way for sure – I need to be cutting and stockpiling to keep my aunt fully “stocked” for next winter.  And here I thought I gave her a ton of fabric shapes last August- enough to keep her busy through this winter – boy was I wrong! I think I really need to hit some of the resale shops to look for treasures and maybe pay a bit more attention to the Quilt Guild rummage sales that sometimes go on during the smaller quilt shows.

I’m also on the hunt for some good old timey type calico prints – so if anyone knows of any “oldey but goodey” type fabric shops – please tell me about them!  She really seems to enjoy those small calico prints (especially yellow – did you spot that yellow in the lone star quilt???)  And she really likes solids.

Oh – and I just thought of another quilt I have never showed you that she has made:

Is this not the neatest pattern!  My Aunt’s and I fell in love with this one!  After our visit we had to go back to my Aunt Julies house and sit and try to draft the pattern – we all liked it so much.  Then wouldn’t you know it – we found the pattern in one of the Aunt Martha’s quilt booklets!  LOL  That’s ok, because we wanted the pattern shapes a bit bigger than my Aunt Columbia’s quilt. 

I really want to make one of these quilts.  I guess my Aunt Columbia and my Grandma both made one of these quilts.  I sure wish we new where my Grandma’s quilt ended up – that would be such a treasure to have in the family!

Gosh, these photos just made my day.  They made me a little sad, because I miss all of my family in W.Va.  but at the same time – I’m ready to go sew some more!  I’m just super motivated now!  I love it when I get in this mind set and want to just sew, sew, sew!  Some people “power shop”  I just “power sew”!  LOL   Wish me luck tonight after I put the kiddos to bed, I’ll be thinking of fond memories of family times and stitching the night away!