Day #2 of The Art Challenge on Facebook

Day 2 of the Art Challenge. 

Today we have Blue Moon Of Kentucky ( the blue and tan quilt) – a quilt that I designed that first appeared in American Patchwork and Quilting magazine – the August 2007 issue – and my debut design into the wonderful world of quilt magazines!. 

Next up 

“Girls’ Retreat” a small scrappy quilt that is in my book “Small Treasures From Scraps” . 

And last for today “Primitive Stars” This is a wool applique on cotton wall size quilt!

 Today I would like to nominate Stacy Gross West of Buttermilk Basin. Stacy is such a sweetheart and so talented it’s unbelievable. She always has a smile on her face and I miss seeing her at all the quilt shows we used to do!!


New Issue of American Patchwork and Quilting June 2013

I absolutely love when I get my newest issue of American Patchwork and Quilting in the mail!  It’s like Christmas time all packaged neatly waiting for me to devour. This magazine by far is my favorite – it’s such a joy to read and always has great eye candy!
Anyhow, the June 2013 issue arrived in my mailbox a couple weeks ago and it does not disappoint!  Look at all these beauties inside just waiting to be made!
First we have the cover girls from Homestead Hearth:

This is Red, White and Stars by Sarah Maxwell and Dolores Smith who own Homestead Hearth – a most awesome quilt shop to visit and they have a great website!  I enjoy ordering my fabrics from them because they fill their orders fast and I have never been disappointed with their costumer services!  They also order complete collections of all my favorite reproduction fabrics and they offer fat quarter, 1/2 yard and full yard bundles of the collections!  Fun shopping for sure! Congratulations my friends for making the cover!  What a great feeling that must be!

Next we have Mix of Ingredients by Kathy Cardiff of The Cottage at Cardiff Farms.  I love this sweet wool applique project and I think it would look wonderful hanging in my kitchen!  Love the detailed quilting in the borders too! Anybody out there want to make it for me?  Just kiddin’

This one – oh my gosh.  I just about pulled out a magnifying glass to more closely inspect the antique fabrics in this gem!  This one is called Scraps All Around.  Love it.  Just love it! This one is from quilt collector Mary Elizabeth Kinch.

My friend Monique’s been busy lately I see!  Isn’t this one gorgeous too!  Monique Dillard of Open Gate Quilts designed this beauty called Garden Stroll. Makes me think or a beautiful rose garden in the summer time!

And last but certainly not least – another favorite of mine from this issue designed by those sweet gals of Red Crinoline Quilt – Paula Barnes and Mary Ellen Robison.  This one is called Haberdashery – isn’t that a great name!
I just received a couple more new issues of other quilt magazines in the mail – I’ll review them and if I find more goodies, I’ll be sure to post about them!

Quilt It Today Magazine Favorites

This is the premier issue of Quilt-It Today magazine and is the November/December 2012 issue.  Thanks to my bestie for finding it for me and sending it to me because I missed it!  Thanks Kathy Brown of The Teacher’s Pet!
I found a couple goodies in here that I added to my list to make, just look!

Good article on a group of New Jersey quilters that got together and worked on making this beautiful quilt!

I am in love with this pattern called Pinwheels & Toggles.  Isn’t it gorgeous!  Love the pink in it.  I have to make this someday…………….

Here’s another fast quilt to make.  I do love stars and this one would be so easy to piece and would make a nice gift for someone!
I have a busy day ahead of me – working on edits for my book due out in June and also working on the next Simply Charming book that will be coming out in April 2014.  Seems like a long time away, but time goes by so quickly!
Have an awesome day and go guilt something!

Quilt It Magazine

Just a quick post to show you some goodies I found in the March/April 2013 issue of Quilt-It Today magazine.  This is a newer magazine on the block and it’s focus appears to be quick simple and fast quilts and projects!
Love these 2 older hexagon quilts featured in the magazine.  I especially like that one in the top right hand corner.  Maybe after I finish the hexie quilt I’m hand piecing – I’ll jump into this quilt!  I love the layout.  The pattern is not in the magazine, this is just an article!

Sweet Dreams quilt pattern.  Quick and easy to make using all my scraps!  How simple – just half square triangles – and big ones! Hmmm – this would be a fun pattern to use and do a half square triangle exchange among friends!

This is Spinning Stars.  I like the easiness of this pattern – but I want to make one bedsize and make it ubber scrappy!  Ubber – have not heard that word used in awhile!  I must need more coffee because my brain seems to have gone back into time of when I was younger and used “cool” words like that!
Have a great day folks and go Quilt Something!

Simple, Easy & Quick!

I found a magazine the other day while shopping that I enjoyed!  I don’t usually go for the simple and quick type quilts – I like detailed – quilts that take awhile to make and take a lot of thought.  But – with that said, I also have gifts I need to make this year and I think this magazine has given me a good visual as to what I can make in a small amount of time.
Sometimes my brain is on “detail only” mode and I do not stop to think about the quick and simple – is that my designer brain running full strength??  Do you ever get like that?  I’m pretty sure I’m the opposite of most quilters today because so many people are always in a rush, or just do not have the time and hours to sit and make really involved projects.
Anyhow, this magazine is worth the cost of $9.99.  There are many, many quick quilts and a few projects that use only pre-cut strips and squares. (Think Moda charm packs and jelly rolls!  Even Layer Cakes!)
Here are the quilts I’ve earmarked that I would like to try and accomplish using only my scrap stash.  I have so many 2 1/2″ strips already cut and waiting.  Tons of charm squares.  Then there are the 3 baskets of scraps that have wonderful, usable sizes of fabric!

This quilt is titled Sunny Skies.

Love these quick stars. This one is called Dashing Stars.

I’m not really into making bags – but they make excellent quick gifts and they are  something that can be made and donated to your quilt guilds show – if they sell finished items that is!  The neat thing about this pattern is you can make three bags from one charm pack!  Now that’s cool!  The pattern is called 3 Times The Charm – how clever!

This quilt really got me thinking because I have so many 2 1/2″ strips.  This would be a fast one with lots of eye candy.  It’s called Piece Out.

Same here – have plenty of 5″ squares around here to whip this quilt out in no time at all.  It’s called X’s and O’s.

Now this one  – I really like the pattern – gives plenty of room to play with an assortment of fabrics and uses some solid fabric – of which I have tons of – and I mean tons!
This is called Summer In The Park.
Now, I thought about something here.  If I were only to make the 6 items I’ve shown here and nothing else from the magazine – break that down from the $9.99 cost and each of these patterns only cost me $1.67.  I’m liking that!
One last things about his magazine.  It has a very unique feature to it.  All the patterns are written by one person.  That’s it!  It’s like buying a book really.  Jenny Doan of The Missouri Quilt Company is the soul designer on most of the quilts – there are a few that her daughters have created also, but everything was produced right there at The Missouri Quilt Company!
This magazine is produced by Fon’s and Porter and has a Spring 2013 date on it!
Happy Quilting!

Color Me Crochet Quilt

I received the April 2013 issue of American Patchwork & Quilting magazine and this cover quilt is begging me – no yelling and screaming my name to make it!
Here’s another picture of the quilt:
I need more hours in the day. I can see this quilt in my mind using civil war reproduction fabrics from my stash and scrap bag!!!
It’s designed by Lissa Alexander of Moda.  You can visit her awesome blog here:

Here are a few other patterns in this issue that I am in love with:
Pretty – don’t you think?


Primitive Quilts Magazine Blog Hop Day

Today’s blog hop day belongs to those wonderful gals behind the awesome “Primitive Quilts” magazine!  They also own the Woolen Willow store!
I just love their magazine – I need to get busy and submit a project to them!
Enjoy your blog hopping!

Here’s the line up for this spectacular “A Primitive Christmas Blog Hop”  All the links and dates are provided for each of the blogs you will just have to visit to join in on all this fun and excitement!

A Lovely Little Surprise

Well, I was a little surprised yesterday with a comment a sweet gal by the name of Marsha left me on my blog!
It seems that I did not read my newest issue of American Patchwork and Quilting Magazine (June 2012) very closely!  Her quilt that she made from one of our patterns is in the I Am A Quilter section on page 16!  Can you say Duh!!!!
Wow! This is so neat!  If you missed this pattern called Two-Piece Puzzle in the April 2010 issue of American Patchwork and Quilting I’m sure you can probably still order back issues or find a copy at an online quilt shop by doing a simple search!  
Or you can order the pattern on our website also here:

Or – you can check with Primitive Gatherings up in Menasha, Wisconsin – She has our quilt on display right now and was selling kits for it in the black, red and cream theme that I originally used!  You can view their website here or give them a call at: 1-920-722-7233
Thanks Marsha for sharing this!  

Check out Marsha’s blog here:


In The Zone…

A lot of times when I’m piecing a quilt – I get “In The Zone” – no not the diet type of “zone” – really in that “zone” where nothing else matters, I’m just sewing along minding my own business and having a blast.  Now, I’m not sure about you, but when I scrap quilt I really go to town and get in the “zone”.  I pay no attention to what fabric plays best with another nor do I get all “matchy, matchy”.  This photo goes to show you how “in the zone” I was yesterday!
Do you see those blocks I’ve “tried” to circle above?  (ok – don’t laugh at my rather childish attempt to circle the blocks using photoshop – I’m still in the learning stages in that program – my 14 year old son is still trying to teach good old Mom the basics!)
Those 3 blocks particularly that are going horizontally across your screen – notice that they all have the same middle “light” fabric going through them?  This was not intentional and was an accident!  If I wouldn’t have been so deeply “in the zone” I would have never placed the blocks with the same fabrics in the same exact location of the block so closely together in this scrap quilt.  Oh well now – they are pieced together and that’s the way they are staying – another incident in one of my quilts that will be left there to humble me a bit!  They still look good, but of course their location is near the top of the quilt at this point – right where they stand out!   Not going to let it bother me though – just wanted to point out how easily things like this happen and really – what does it matter – as long as we are having fun during the whole process of making a quilt! Right????
Here’s my project I am working on today – I’ll probably finish this top today.  This pattern can be found in the August 2011 issue of American Patchwork and Quilting magazine.  It’s called Weaving The Rails and is designed by Kathie Holland of Inspired By Antiques Quilts Blog (which by the way – if you do not follow and read this blog – you are really missing out!!!)
Here’s a picture of the quilt in the magazine!
And now to show you the finish of the Katie’s String Star Quilt – but first, do you know how hard it is take a picture of a quilt top when a little fur ball just has to mess with you?
This is Bella again striking a pose for you.  She really should be a model – Don’t you think?
Regardless, I gave up trying to be all fancy and getting this quilt top spread out nice and flat and un-wrinkled for you to see.  Every time I had it near perfect, she nose dived right into it!  So, I left it like it was after a quick fixing and tossing a treat in the cats direction and snapped a picture quickly!
Here is a corner picture for you so that you can see the border fabrics.
In other news, I’m still cleaning and re-organizing my new creative life.  For those of you that don’t know – I spend my creative hours in my basement studio and office.  It can be rather dark and dreary down there sometimes, so I’m brightening things up a bit and reorganizing my stash.  I’ve torn out old shelves and installed new, gone through books and magazines and dug into rubbermaid totes that have long been forgotten about. Here’s a photo of my newly cleaned and organized wool cubbie:
It’s nearly finished and organized, just a few more pieces to sort through and I’m calling it done!
Also, I cleaned off one of my inspiration boards in my office and look at my two little munchkins:
Are they not cute?  This is my daughter Ashley when she was 3 1/2 years old – this is her soccer photo.  My son is on the right and he was 4 – nearly 5 in this baseball picture.  They truly are my inspiration and their little photo buttons will remain on my inspiration wall, but I’ve moved them from the office location to my studio so that I can look at them a little more each day! I miss them when they are gone all day at school.
Give your kids a hug today – they grow up so quickly – my little munchkins are now 13 and 14 and I cannot believe how quickly time has flown!

It’s a border kind of day and other distractions!

I’m nearing the finish line on my Katie’s String Star quilt!  Look –
I just have to trim the edges of the quilt up and add the 3 outer borders and I’ll have this quilt top completed today!
I just love looking at each of these stars!  They are all so different and “sew” scrappy!  I’ve chosen a neat stripe print for the middle outer border, so I’m really excited to see how it turns out.  
This pattern can be found in this book on page 153:
Or you can find it in the May/June 2004 issue of Fons and Porter magazine – page 83!  (see what happens when I clean out all my magazines – I find things I new I had – just didn’t know where they were stashed!
I’ve been a little distracted this morning while blogging….
It seems my dear sweet Bella is trying to learn how to use my computer!
Have a good one!