I’ve been away – but I’ve still been playing!

I took a bit of a blog break which started last year and ended now. I had so many projects going on and commitments and family issues and things.  Plus I was really upset that Google ended the Reader program – I just couldn’t find another blog reader that I really like, I was getting frustrated and I just quit reading blogs all together, I guess I lost my “umph” along the way for my own blog.
Anywho – I’d like to show you the cover of my new book (this was one of the projects keeping me busy!) that will be out in April of this year.  Kansas City Star is my publisher again, and as always they have done a fabulous job!  
Small Treasures From Scraps: More Simply Charming Quilts
What do you think of the cover?
Also – in my stand off from reading blogs because I was so frustrated at the loss of Google Reader, I have found something very similar that I wanted to share with you in case you feel my frustration and have not found this on your own yet.
The Old Reader
(just click the link below when you are ready to visit this page and see what you think!)
I love everything about this reader that I have found and I’ve been happily reading blogs again for about a month now!
Also, I’ve found an app that I like to use on my phone and my IPad now!  I’m such a happy girl!
Feedly is my new friend for reading my favorite blogs on all these new-fangled electronic devices that have bombarded into my life!  LOL  Check them out!
OK. enough for today – I’m off to do a little more editing on this new book, then a new quilt pattern that is in progress is yelling at me from that magical room I call my Sewing Kingdom!
Have an awesome day everyone!
PS.  King Harley, Miss Dalilah and Miss Bella said to tell you hello and that they’ve missed you all and your comments as much as I have!  They are so happy Mom is back to blogging!

Our Newest Addition To The Family!

Please welcome our newest addition to the family.  This is Miss Dahlila – just a bundle of energy and silliness!  She worked really hard with me this morning plowing the driveway and shoveling all that snow! This afternoon she and Miss Bella will be my companions in the quilting studio.
Dahlila was born December 31, 2012, right here in our home.  We are fostering her Momma Bridget (who gave birth less than 24 hours after we took her in!) and her seven pups.  The remaining 6 pups will be up for adoption very soon through a great Non Profit Animal Rescue program here in Joliet, IL.
If you are in the area and interested in adopting or fostering a dog or pup or even donating to this fantastic organization, please visit their website
I promise, you will be seeing much more of Miss Dahlila in the future!