Kansas City Star Booth at Quilt Market

Busy day ahead for me – got some baking to do and then off to spend time with family & friends!
Hope you have a wonderful Memorial Day and thank you to all of those that we celebrate and remember today and always!
Here are the photos I took in the Kansas City Star booth at 2013 Spring Quilt Market.  I didn’t bring my good camera with because it’s a bit annoying to lug around sometimes, so these are Iphone pictures – of which I am not the best at taking!  So please forgive little ole’ me!


Quilt Market ReCap Day 4

Are you enjoying these Quilt Market photos?  Here are a few more!
Here’s me again – sitting at my super cool treadle table that I used as a little office space in my booth!  I bought this neat piece of furniture at an antique shop here locally and really lucked out on the price!  I paid $20 or $25 – one or the other – I cannot remember now, but I snatched it up quick when I first saw it!

And here is Lynne Hagmeier designer of all those wonderful patterns published under the name – Kansas Troubles Quilters, her husband and her daughter.
I had the great pleasure of having Lynne as a chauffeur the day before set up at Quilt Market.  Pam Buda and I road along with Lynne as she took us to a bunch of really awesome antique shops and then a fabulous Mexican restaurant.  Many goodies were found and I really enjoyed that peaceful and relaxing day out shopping!  The perfect thing to do before all the work of setting up a booth for Quilt Market!

And here we have Nancy Rink Designs

Quilt Market ReCap Day 3

Here is Day 3 of our Quilt Market ReCap!!!  I hope you are enjoying your little peek at Quilt Market this week!
Here we have the ever creative and wonderful Connie Huddleson of Starry Pines Designs and she also owns The Little Wool Shoppe in Windsor, Colorado!

Joyce Weeks and Norma Whaley of Geoffs Mom Pattern Designs

Dawn Heese of Linen Closet Designs

AnneMarie Yohnk of Quilts Remembered

Vicki Olsen and Jill Shaulis of Yellow Creek Quilt Designs

See you back here tomorrow with more Quilt Market pictures!

Quilt Market ReCap Day 1

I haven’t done a whole lot of sharing some of the photos I took from Quilt Market, so for the rest of the week – I’m going to do just that!

A lot of the photos I’ll be sharing over the next week were taken by Pam Buda of Heartspun Quilts – she snapped a lot of good ones where as a lot of mine were taken with my IPad and I appear to need a bit more practice with it!  I’m a bit shaky with that thing – should have carried around my good Nikon camera – but oh well – live and learn!

Enjoy my Quilt Market ReCap!

Here is Miss Pam herself, along with Lisa Bongean of Primitive Gatherings in the center and myself on the right.

And next we have some pictures from some of the goodies in Lisa’s booth:

 Here is Kathy of The Cottage at Cardiff Farm she introduced some really neat patterns at quilt market also!

Here is “one half” of The Quilt Crow Design team!!  Love their new book and their patterns are awesome!

Next we have Paula and Mary Ellen of Red Crinoline Quilts (formerly Bonnie Blue Quilts)  Love their stuff – always have, always will!

And that will do it today!  See ya tomorrow!


Lori Smith at Quilt Market

Today I’m going to share with you the photos of Lori Smith’s booth at Spring Quilt Market.  Lori is the designing genius behind From My Heart To Your Hands patterns.  She’s a whirlwind of creativity and fun to talk to.  I wish we lived closer to each other because I’d love to sit and stitch with this creative woman!
Lori runs her business all by herself, like many of us pattern designers do.  She travels to and from several large quilt shows a year bringing you her latest and greatest designs.  At this time, unfortunately Lori does not have a blog – but I’ve hinted around with her every time I see her that she really needs to blog or even FaceBook!
Anyhow, here are the photos of Lori’s booth – all taken with her permission.  She knows I’m going to blog about her so if you place an order on her website – be sure to let her know you read my blog and saw all the quilt market pictures!
Here’s Lori’s website address – be sure to visit her page – if you are not familiar with this creative genius – you need to be!
Here’s the booth photos:

In the next 3 photos you will see a piece of netting strung across the front of the booth.  These photos were taken (with permission) early in the morning prior to market opening for the day.  We designers chuckle at our “makeshift” security system – many of us use nylon netting or tulle pulled across the front of our booths at the end of each day as a measure of security or a kind way of saying – please do not enter our booth while we are away.


Heartspun Quilts at Quilt Market

I wanted to share photos of my booth neighbor at this past Spring Quilt market.  This is Pam Buda’s booth – owner of Heartspun Quilts.  I had the pleasure of having Pam be my riding buddy as we ventured to Internaional Quilt Market in Kansas City, Missouri a few weeks ago – what a change it was and pure joy to actually have a passenger in my vehicle!  I normally go to these shows alone and having a friend with made the trip so much easier and seem so much shorter!
Also – in case you don’t already know it – Pam has her first ever line of fabric coming out with Marcus Brothers sometime this month or early next month!!!  You can view that fabric here at this link:
Here are the photos I took of Pam’s booth.  Enjoy looking at them and be sure to visit her website to order her pattern designs!!
And be sure to check out Pam’s Blog also:



Well, I’m all bummed out.  I’m missing Quilt Market and Festival in Houston.  Many of my friends are there and they are being so great and texting updates and photos so that I can join in on the fun from a distance!  LOL
Above is a photo from my very first quilt market back in 2000 in Atlantic City, New Jersey.  That was a fun booth.  I won the best New Exhibitor Booth award that year.  My husband did so much work constructing all those wood panels for that booth and my kids were wee little toddlers then.  We traveled as a family to market and really enjoyed that time together.  During the day I would work the show and hubby would take the kids to local events and things, the zoo, shopping, etc.  We really had fun there.
I’m watching blogs and FaceBook to check for all the updates coming in – it’s only making it worse on me – but I can’t help it!!!!!
That’s ok, I’ll get over it.  In fact, I think I’ll start planning my Spring Quilt Market booth right now!  That will perk my spirits up!  Spring Market will be in Kansas City, Missouri this coming May 2012!  We are super excited to be going back there for our 3rd market visit to this great location!
Off to plan my booth…………


Ahhh, Quilt Market

We’re back and re-energized after a fun, exhilerating, emotional and quick (it went by really fast!) Quilt Market!  This spring we visited Salt Lake City, Utah.  And yes – for those of you that “know” me – I survived the airplane ride – my nerves were frazzled a bit – but I made it there and back – safe and sound!
This Quilt Market I had the joy of meeting this gal:
This cute gal is Miss Sandy (the genius behind the creations of this blog! She’s on the right and that’s me on the left)  It’s true – this super sweet chickie helped me out in my time of need when I switched over to blogger last year.  I’m forever grateful! Be sure to check her blog out!  Textile House
This Quilt Market I was “booth buddies” with the one and only – Pam Buda – the designer extraordinaire behind Heartspun Quilts!  Check her blog out at  Heartspun Quilts
(make sure you go and read her blog post from May 17th, 2011 – she has some excellent photos of her booth!)
Above is Miss Karen – Pam’s booth helper, in the center is Pam Buda of Heartspun Quilts and on the right is Docia Fuller Queen Mum – otherwise known as “owner” of The Quilt Merchant!  (I have to say, I’m a tad jealous of their new Vera Bradley’s they acquired last weekend – I always miss out on the good stuff!  LOL)
You can check out Docia’s blog here:  I Am The Quilt Merchant and the quilt shop website here:  The Quilt Merchant
And just a little FYI – I am sold out of all Carolina Fat Quarter, Eighth and Half Yard bundles and will not be ordering more of this fabric line.  We have very little of this collection left – but you can order it at The Quilt Merchant!!!  She stocked up really well!  Also – for those of you searching for the American Spirit fabric collection- they have it also!
I also had the pleasure of meeting the one and only Gail Pan of Gail Pan Designs – she came all the way from Australia!!!!  She’s such a sweetheart!  
Above is Gail Pan on the right and Miss Brenda Mercado of Pumpkin Patch Primitives on the left. Brenda has a wonderful website full of all kinds of Primitive goodies – check it out!  Her blog is also a delight and you can view that here:  Pumpkin Patch Primitives Blog
I also had the pleasure of meeting Betsy Chutchian the author of this book:
and the designer of this much anticipated fabric line:
Above is Crossroads To Texas – which by the way should be arriving on US soil soon  – if not already.  Unfortunately – I do not have a picture of Betsy –  I was so thrilled to meet her, I never stopped to think about taking a picture with her!  Thanks to Kathie of Inspired by Antique Quilts for “arranging” for Betsy to stop by our booth!
Unfortunately – I chose to leave me “good” camera at home and not lug the heavy thing around with me, (which means I missed out on taking pictures of all my other new friends I had the joy of meeting!) but I did have my trusty IPhone for the following photos of The Kansas City Star booth!
Oh Look!!!  It’s my book!
Another shot of my book with a few of the models!

This is one of the new books by Kansas City Star – Confederates in the Cornfield – great book – just look at those quilts!
A few of the quilt models from the Home On The Plains book – another good one!
I was in such good company in the Kansas City Star booth – so much talent, packed nice and neatly into 2 booths – a pure feast for the eyes!
And I’m excited to say that I was able to do a little hand piecing while on the flight to Salt Lake City and in my hotel room!  Wanna know what I worked on  — funny you should ask – I’ll show you !
This is the feathered star quilt block that we use in our logo for our business.  If I’m not asked at least once a week and asked at every quilt show I’ve done for a pattern for this block, I’d by shocked.  Yes folks, I broke down and figured out the pattern in Electric Quilt – cut out all my shapes and I’m proud to say that I’m about 3/4 of the way done with the block!  Below is a snapshot I took on my phone so I could remember the layout of the block while I was away- not the best picture in the world – but you get the idea!
Now, don’t go getting all excited – I still have to finish this beauty up and create a PDF file to share the pattern templates with you!  It’s such an easy block to piece – promise!
And this gal is getting tired – I am still trying to play “catch up” on sleep from being at Quilt Market.  I need to head to bed, but I leave you with this quote that I read on another blog this morning.
“The door of opportunity won’t open unless you do some pushing.” 
I printed this quoted out in a nice bold print and framed it in my office.  This quote is so true……
Night, night everyone!