Playing With Fabrics & A New Notion!!!

Well, I’m just tickled pink to tell you that I was able to get a fancy new rotary cutter!
If you remember – a couple weeks ago I told you about this awesome new rotary cutter I tested out and watched a demo for at Quilt Market.  Above you see the new Olfa “Splash” rotary cutter.  Not only is it a beautiful shade of aqua, it cuts like a dream and still has the same great quality that I love about Olfa Cutters.
(Also pictured above is my awesome new BOM I received from Primitive Gatherings Quilt Shop – I just love their BOM’s – always great fabrics and always enough fabric to get the job done!)  

Isn’t it pretty!

Here you will see the major improvement to this new rotary cutter.  The shape of the handle.  Instead of the standard flat handle, there is now a gentle curve and it fits and feels so good in your hand.  
The new cutter also has the same great “quick change” blade system that I love!  And this cutter is for right handed or left handed folks!
Yeah Olfa!  You did awesome with this new notion!
Be sure and ask at your local quilt shop or favorite online quilt shop for the new Olfa “Splash” rotary cutter – you will not be disappointed!
And I have not talked much about Miss Bella lately.  Here she is in all her funny glory.  She was sunning herself in my kitchen window and watching the birds and our newest pet – Miss Dalilah came up next to her! I snapped this picture at just the right time – they appear to be kissing!  How cute is that!
Have a great weekend everyone!

2013 Quilt Market New Notion Review

While at Quilt Market I was able to test this new rotary cutter by Olfa out.  Love it!  They have redesigned the handle to make a more comforting fit in your hand.  The actual handle, instead of being flat like the traditional Olfa rotary cutter has a gentle curve to it and fit better in my hand! I wish I could find a good side shot of the cutter, but alas I cannot.  I’m always worried about the tools I use and the way I use my hands now since having carpal tunnel surgery a year and a half ago.  I do have to say, this cutter felt good in my hand!
It’s got the same quick blade change feature as the normal Olfa cutters.

And can be used for right or left handed people!
Plus – I love the aqua color!
Here’s a bit of info on the rotary cutter from Olfa’s website:
Experience precision with pizzazz! Your creations aren’t boring, and your rotary cutter shouldn’t be either. That’s why we are introducing the new Splash rotary cutter. Vibrant aqua handle is contoured for comfortable cutting, and integrated grooves at the head of the cutter help prevent finger slippage. 
Quick blade change feature means simply sliding the blade-lock down to release the old blade, load new blade, and re-secure blade-lock to begin cutting again. 
Blade cover for additional safety. Includes and fits RB45 blade. 

I cannot wait for my local quilt shops to get these in stock – I want one now!!!!! (Hint, Hint – to my local quilt shops – order these please!!!!!)

Neat little tool to have!

I’ve been trying to catch up on emails and FaceBook questions and several of you have asked about this cool little gadget I showed in a photo last week or the week before:
And here’s another picture of that gadget:
This is the Thread Caddy and I love mine to pieces!  This little gem is engineered by Barnett’s LapTop Hoops and you can order yours here -and they even have a sale on them right now!  They ship fast too!! WooHoo!

Venturing out to the quilt shop…

Today I made a little trip out to my local quilt shop – had to drop off more of our books~!!!!  Plus, I had to pick up a few goodies of course!
This is one of the books that I’ve been wanting lately, the shop had it and I grabbed it quick!  It’s great – brimming with pretty quilts perfect for my scrappy taste buds!  Here’s a few of my favorites:

 To be honest with you – I like every quilt in this book!  Fun, Fun stuff!
Then I picked up these neat scissors:

After Miss Laura told me these scissors were super sharp all the way to the tip and that they had serrated edges – I was sold.  Had to get them and I just tested them out – I love them!  Definitely worth the money and a must have for your quilting tool box!  I love these little scissors so much, I just may have to order some to have in the booth for our upcoming quilt shows!!
Plus – they are going to be getting in the new Perfect Scissors by Karen Kay Buckley – had to order a pair of those too because I’ve just been hearing way to many good things about them!
And then last, but certainly not least, the one notion that has been on my list of things to get for awhile now, the Perfect Piecer by Jinny Beyer.

I love to hand piece and have been wanting this little tool for such a long time.  I must have never seen it before on my local quilt shops shelves, but it was there today!  Jinny Beyer is one of the quilters in the world that I would love to someday meet.  I admire her work and she is such a talented lady.  I recently pulled this book off my shelves and started browsing through it again:

Quiltmaking by hand written by Jinny Beyer – a must have book for your quilting library! Great pictures and I love reading all her tips!
Hope you are having a great week – I’m off to enjoy a hot cup of coffee and my new book.  Then I’m going to tinker around at the sewing machine tonight!

Bon Voyage Fabric, this week’s special and some new notions!

Bon Voyage fabric designed by Edyta Sitar for Moda Fabrics is arriving today.  I cannot wait to have these 5 different fabrics that we ordered back in May here and ready to play with!  I loved this print above and order the cream shown, a pale mustard yellow and an excellent muted shade of blue.  I’m sure you will enjoy them also!  They are available here for you to view:

Also this week, all Triangles On A Roll are on special for $5.00 per roll. This sale is for inventory on hand only and once they are gone, they will be removed from our website.
The remaining inventory can be viewed here:
Triangles On A Roll

Now for some fun new notions:

The Cutting Edge Rulers

Have you seen these cool sounding new rulers?  I was on a notions chat the other day on my FaceBook page and I started researching a bunch of different notions, then I started seeing this information popping up all over blogland about these rulers!
It appears another cool Blog Hop will be going on, here’s a list of the Blog’s involved:

And if you would like more information on the new rulers you can visit here:
So, what notions have you been searching for lately?  I’m thinking about expanding the amount and types of notions that we bring along to quilt shows and offer on our website!  Leave me a comment or email me!