Centennial Treasures & Covey Toile have arrived!

Centennial Treasures has arrived!

Centennial Treasures by Judie Rothermel
Gorgeous colors – bundles and yardage are now available and ready to ship!

Also arrived last week –

Covey Toile by Jo Morton
We order ” a lot” of this fabric – it’s a gorgeous tan shade on cream background – just lovely!

And also back in stock – several different pieces from the following collections!

Attic Shirtings by Jo Morton

Seneca Shirtings by Jo Morton

Toast by Jo Morton

Ravenwood by Jo Morton

And for everyone that has caught the “Red & White” quilt fever – we have ordered more Bella Solids in the much sought after shades of Country Red and Ivory – we apologize for selling out of those last week!  Those are now available for pre-order on our website.  (and just a little side note – the “price” of the Bella Solids has increased, so if you visit our webpage you will notice the price difference on these two colors we have re-ordered.  We do apologize, but we knew it was coming!)


We are busy getting ready for the Paducah show!!!  Are you coming??? Stop by the Kentucky Oaks Mall Tuesday April 26th through Saturday April 30th and say “hello”!  We’ll be there with bells on and have everything on our website – in the booth!


New Fabrics and Other Goodies Newsletter!

This is a long newsletter – but full of good things! If you already subscribe to our newsletter – you should have received this in you email account already!
Lot’s of new goodies!
Well, we’ve been busy as ever – accepting new fabric deliveries and cutting up lovely bundles of fabric!  Check out these new beauties!

Manchester By Nancy Gere for Windham
We have this line available in fat eighth, fat quarter and half yard bundles and even broke it down into individual color bundles this time!

Cedar Chest Memories by Faye Burgos for Marcus Brothers
This fabric line is also available in several different bundles sizes as well as yardage.

Alice’s Wash Day Blues by Carrie Quinn for Blue Hill
Our first order finally arrived after a long, long wait!  It’s gorgeous.  We have a few bundles and select yardage still available.  A second order was already placed weeks ago for this fabric and we hope to have more yardage and bundles available soon if you miss out on this round!

Here’s an oldie, but goodie!

Toast II by Jo Morton for Andover
We were lucky enough to get this collection of fabric back in stock and the bundles of fabric and yardage is up on the website!

We’ve got a little surprise to share —–  This is a good one too!

The cat’s out of the bag – those great gals from Bonnie Blue Quilts have been at it again and are bringing this fabulous Block of The Month Project to our doors very soon!  Look!

Block of The Month registration for “The Cotton Club”  is now open and we are offering you several different ways to join in on the fun!

All of the information is up on our website so go check it out and let us know what you think!  And of course there are no registration or membership fees!

The Cotton Club

We cannot wait to get this fabric line in – the reds and browns are so lovely!

* The Civil War Reunion fabric saga continues.  We are still waiting on more of this fabric to arrive, but this week’s deliveries are looking pretty promising!  If everything runs smoothly, we should be able to ship out the remaining Pre-Orders for the Civil War Reunion fabrics that we have not shipped yet.  Those orders will probably start to ship by next Monday if everything arrives as scheduled.

Centennial Treasures fabric update – we have no “new” news on this line yet.  It should be coming soon.

Crossroads To Texas fabric line – again this is a Blue Hill Line of fabric and if you recall from our last newsletter – Blue Hill is moving their entire inventory to a new warehouse location!  What a job!  They should be back – up and running as usual very soon.


** Please note the following “boo-boo” or “error” in our new book “Simply Charming: Small Scrap Quilts of Yesteryear”.  Sadly – and most embarrasingly a template error was discovered at one of my most recent book signings.  I’m embarrased, but yet we will move on from this.  We have 2 templates in this book shown on pages 85, (the tumbler template), 96 & 101 (this is the triangle template – same template for different quilts).  Please note in your books that the templates are too large.  While the template printed for the “Living Off The Scrap Bag” pattern or the “tumbler” on page 85 will still make a lovely quilt – it will be bigger than the quilt pictured.  The “triangle” template for the “Stars Over The Mountains” quilt and the “Hidden Treasures” quilt will work just fine also – but the printed “cutting dimensions” for your borders will be to small!

Both Templates – disregard the outer printed “cutting line”   Use the “dash line” or the sewing line as your cutting line instead.

What has happened – when we requested that a seam allowance be added to our templates for the book, the seam allowance was added to the outside of our template – not knowing – we meant to add the seam allowance to the “inside” of our template.  Easy mistake to make, but this one slipped through our hours and hours of editing and we do apologize.  Like I said previously – both of these templates are still quite usable as printed – the finished piece will just turn out larger than our models!

Next, for the template for the “Stars of the Mountain Quilt” shown on page 96 and the “Hidden Treasure template shown on page 101 – same thing – use the printed sewing line as your cutting line instead. If you chose to use the templates in the size they are physically printed – please be aware that your borders will need to be cut larger!!!!  Measure your finished piece and use those dimension for cutting your borders and NOT the printed sizes in the book!

(be a kind quilter and help us spread the word on this correction – if you have friends or family that have a copy of this edition (the first printing) of this book – please let them know of the corrections!)

It’s time for us to take a little break and go on a family adventure this coming weekend.  April 8 and 9, 2011 we will be going out of town.  No orders will be shipped on those days, but normal shipping will continue on April 11th, 2011 as always!


Be sure and check our ad in the June 2011 issue of American Patchwork and Quilting magazine!  Page 125 – it’s being shipped to subscribers now and should be on newstands soon!

Are you coming to Paducah for the quilt show at the end of this month?  Be sure to visit us at Kentucky Oaks Malls – same location as last year!  We’ll be open April 26th through the 30th!


New Quilt Pattern & New fabrics!

We have uploaded a new quilt pattern to our website.  Above is “Two Piece Puzzle” a quilt pattern designed by us that first appeared in the April 201 issue of American Patchwork & Quilting Magazine!  Check your older issues to see if you already own this quilt pattern – if not – we now have it on our website.
From now through the end of March this quilt pattern is on sale and the shipping is free!  You can view this pattern and order here:
I must graciously thank:
Marsha – blogger extraordinaire for blogging about this quilt pattern and sharing her version on her blog below!  Isn’t it pretty!  It just made my day to see her beautifully finished quilt on her blog!!!
You can view Marsha’s Blog here:
In other news, we’ve had an avalanche of fabrics arriving on a daily basis.  Yesterday alone brought the arrival of:

The above 3 photos are of a great new fabric line that we somehow missed seeing last fall at quilt market and we were “lucky” enough to still be able to order it!  Love that cheater cloth fabric!

Prairie Homefront

Above is Shirt Tales!
And above is the long awaited
Civil War Reunion fabric by Barbara Brackman!  We have received almost all the pieces to this collection – we are still waiting on one more bolt to make it’s grand appearance, which will be early next week!  All the other fabrics are available on line!
And for those of you that do not subscribe to our newsletter – below is a copy of what we sent out earlier this week!  So – as usual, if you are already a subscriber – no need to read any further! 
Have a great quilting day!

Shirt Tales
A new 15 piece collection of shirtings and three colorful prints are here!

Shirt Tales bundles and yardage!

Back in stock:

Toasty by Jo Morton

We placed a double order again of Toasty so there are plenty of bundles and yardage available now!


Bonnie Blue Basics III
Now back in stock – all bundles and yardage are available once again!

And also, even though it’s these are not reproduction fabrics either – we still liked these 2 fabrics and received them this week!

Creamery Neutrals IV by Buggy Barn

And more:

Collections For A Cause: Faith
We have 6 different size bundles of fabric to chose from and all are available again!
(and yardage too!)

And in on-going news:

Civil War Reunion

This fabric will start “appearing” on our doorstep this coming Thursday.  I say “start” because for some “unknown” reason, Moda is not shipping all of our fabrics at once – as they have traditionally done in the past.  We have orders for this fabric line coming in starting on Thursday and continueing through next Monday so far (with many more shipments to come!!!)  Mr. UPS will be a busy boy!

We will begin to ship orders as soon as everything arrives!


Alice’s Wash Day Blues


Crossroads To Texas

have been delayed.  This is beyond our control and without going into an extreme discussion about my “pleasant” phone conversations yesterday – believe me when I say – the fabric will be coming.  Blue Hill is moving their entire inventory to a new warehouse location.  This means – a 2 week delay – this news is coming directly from Blue Hill.  I know, I know – why did they not tell us of this move sooner????  Your guess is as good as mine!

On a more positive note – we have ordered more of each fabric line.  Thank you to each of you that have pre-ordered and personally contacted us to inquire about ordering more yardage.  The additional fabric orders have been placed and I will now try to “play the waiting game” in a ladylike fashion (this is very hard for me – I want this gorgeous fabric here as much as you do!) Also – Blue Hill tells me that they are improving their website to make it more user friendly and will also be offering a “freebie” pattern with each fabric line very soon!

Also (hint-hint) you really should check out the new lines of fabric that we will have coming in starting in June!

Dear Jane II
Cotton Club
Sara’s Stash

The following we do not have fabric images for just yet – but trust me – each line is gorgeous!

Crimson Bouquet by Jo Morton
Sweet Emilie by Jo Morton
Carolina by Jo Morton
Manchester by Nancy Gere (maybe – we are waiting to see if this is still available to us!)
Prairie Homefront by Julie Larsen (same thing here – we are waiting to see if the fabric is even still available!)

And in other “local” news – if you are in the Barrington, Illinois area this coming Friday, March 25th from 10 am to around 11 or so – come see me!

I’ll be signing our new book and showing each of the 20 quilts at the following quilt shop:

130 Applebee Street
Barrington, IL 60010

And a special note for our friends “across the pond”  – particularly our customers in Australia!

Please take the time to notice when you place your next order that we have updated our shopping cart to now include the Australian States as a shipping option instead of choosing “outside the US” as your shipping address!  If you do not see your state – do not panic, order as you normally do and email us with the name of your state and we will “update” our system again to include it!

Also – welcome customers from Cyprus!  We have now added your country to our shipping locations!  If ever you cannot “find” your country or state listed in our options on our shopping cart – just email us and we’ll add you!

and finally…..

Paducah Kentucky or bust!

We’ll see you (at least we hope to!) in Paducah, Kentucky at the 27th annual Paducah Quilt Show!

Our booths will once again be located in the mall – so come visit us!  We’ll be bringing everything you see on the website – plus much more!!!!


Simply Charming Monthly Fabric Pack Club & Newsletter!!!

Just a little update for all our “Simply Charming” club members (and of course – new people are welcome also!)
Here is a sneak peek of the fabrics that are coming your way in the mail today (plus you will be getting a “surprise” this month – we are sending you one of our pattern designs for free to help you use these cute little charm squares!!!)
If you would like to see what the Simply Charming Club is all about – click on the link below – we have plenty of charm packs for everyone!  You can join the monthly club where we automatically send you the newest scrappy charm pack on the 2nd Friday of the month – or you can choose to purchase the charm packs individually outside of the club without a monthly commitment!
And next….
Below is our newsletter that just went out today, if you already subscribe to our newsletter or “just do not want to read all my rambling on about new goodies that have arrived ”  – look no further!
Mr. UPS was good to us this week!
Look what just arrived!

Civil War Ladies II by Pat Nickols

Collections For A Cause: Faith by Howard Marcus for Moda

Luminarias by Jo Morton is back in stock!

I have a couple other surprise’s sneaking their way in here today – but I have to wait until the boxes arrive to see what bolts from this really great line of fabric we actually are receiving!!!  You are going to love them – Lots of good backgrounds!!!

And then for next week’s excitement – Mr. UPS will be loading these up on his truck and bringing them to us!  We expect to see these collections by the end of next week or the following week – of course if no more “hiccups” happen along the way!  (My hair is going to turn completely grey over all the delays and anxieties of these 2 lines of fabric!  I might just have to invest in some hair color before it’s all over with!!!!!!)

Civil War Reunion by Barbara Brackman for Moda


Alice’s Wash Day Blue’s by Carrie Quinn

(the above fabrics are still on pre-order on our website at this time until the fabric actually arrives and we are sure the full collection arrives safely!)

***** And just to keep you informed on the “happenings” around here! 

Our first quilt show of the season!!!

March 18 – 19, 2011
Just Imagine Quilt Show
Friday 5 pm to 9 pm
Saturday 9 am to 4 pm
21st Annual Gathering of Quilters
The Patrician Banquet Center

410 East Highway 30
Schererville, IN 46375


Simply Charming: Small Scrap Quilts of Yesteryear

The Civil War Sewing Circle


Newsletter & Updates!!!!

Here’s our latest newsletter that we sent out yesterday evening.  If you are already on our newsletter mailing list – you’ve already seen this info!!!!
It’s been a colorful day here today!
Plus, I have a very good “feeling” that this fabric line will be here very soon!

Alice’s Wash Day Blue’s by Carrie Quinn

(the above fabric is still on pre-order on our website at this time until the fabric actually arrives and we are sure the full collection arrives safely!)

And we have heard from Moda!!!  This gorgeous collection will be shipping to us on March, 16th!!!  It will be here before you know it!

Civil War Reunion by Barbara Brackman

***** And just to keep you informed on the “happenings” around here!  Please note – we will be closed and not shipping any orders out on March 4 an 5, 2011.  We are going out of town for a little Quilt Show Fun! The best part – we are not vending at this show – we are going to study the quilts in the show and the surrounding museum exhibits – and maybe a little shopping in there also!  Please be assured, everything will be back to normal on Monday March 7th, 2011 and we will begin shipping all orders received while we are gone.

Be sure to watch our blog for highlights and photos from the show!

Sew Unique Creations Blog

If you are in the Bloomington, Indiana area starting tomorrow through Saturday March 5th – you my want to check out this fabulous show too!

Here’s a link:

Indiana Heritage Quilt Show


A Few Little Bow Tie Blocks!

Yesterday I was able to have a little fun in the sewing room:

I have several more to finish, but I am really having fun with these little blocks!  I’ll be using a red fabric for the setting squares on this little quilt!!!

Have a great weekend everybody!

And below is our current newsletter which we just sent out.  If you are on our Newsletter mailing list – read no further, you’ve already seen this!!!!

This Newsletter is a “biggie” so grab a cup of coffee, tea or your choice of beverage and enjoy!  (When I get on a roll, I can really roll!)

The Following Books are now back in stock!
This fabric line should arrive this month!
Barbara Brackman’s new line Civil War Reunion!

Civil War Reunion Fabric Collection

Coming In March and Now available for Pre-Order
There will be a lot of fabric arriving in March – look below to see what I mean!!!

Crossroads To Texas by Betsy Chuctchian

Civil War Ladies II by Pat Nickols

Collections For A Cause: Faith by Howard Marcus
(we actually have three 42-piece Fat Quarter Bundles of Faith in stock now!)

Luminarias by Jo Morton

Toasty by Jo Morton

Cedar Chest Memories by Faye Burgos

Greystone by Paula Barnes

Bancroft by Judie Rothermel

Alices Wash Day Blues by Carrie Quinn

Centennial Treasures by Judie Rothermel

All of the above mentioned fabrics can now be pre-ordered.  We have been informed they all should be arriving in March 2011.  Sometimes there are delays in shipments, but so far we are on track to receive them all next month!

Please remember – as always – with all pre-orders placed, your credit card will not be charged until your order is ready to ship.  If you are using PayPal – we receive payment instantly on these transactions, even if you use a credit card – Paypal will charge your card immediately and it is beyond our control.

Also – on all pre-orders – if you order in stock fabrics as well as pre-order fabrics on one order – all fabrics will be held until everything is in stock.  All fabrics and fabric pages will tell you if the fabric is a pre-order item!

Upcoming Quilt Shows

Our Quilt Show season will also begin next month. This means our inventory will start changing as we start cutting fabric to fold into fat quarters and more bundles!  If you need yardage of something that we are getting low on – you are better off ordering it now, before we cut it into fat quarters and other cuts!

Our first show will be:

Marcy 18-19, 2011
Just Imagine Quilt Show
Friday 5-9
Saturday 9-4
21st Annual Gathering Of Quilters
The Patrician Banquet Center
Schererville, IN

Feel free to click on the links above to visit their website for more information!

After this show in April – it’s Paducah time!!!!


Simply Charming Book Give Away!

To celebrate the release of our new book
Simply Charming: Small Scrap Quilts of Yesteryear
We are going to have a give away!  By answering one little question for us, we will put your name in the drawing for one copy of the book (and if you have already purchased the book through us – we will either refund the cost of the book to you and also send you the other two goodies or you have the choice of receiving another book and passing it on to a friend etc. – so join in!) and also one each of the following:
A 42 – piece charm pack of Primitive Muslin designed by Lisa Bongean of Primitive Gatherings and
and this 48 piece charm pack that we have assembled.  There are 24 different fabrics – 2 of each print.
So – what I am curious to find out —– what is the biggest or best tip you would give another quilter?  Think of something valuable that you have learned along the way and would like to pass on to other quilters – new or advance!
We will do the drawing this coming Saturday morning, January 29th, 2011.  (and don’t worry or think we are ignoring you if we do not respond to each comment – it’s kind of crazy around here right now packing the book orders up!)
Enjoy and good luck!
Also – we are including our newsletter below that we sent out earlier today.  If you are not on our email newsletter list, please feel free to join either here on our blog in the upper right hand corner of the screen or on our opening page of our website – just scroll down the page a little bit.  www.sewuniquecreations.com
Here is today’s newsletter – read no further if you already received it!
our new book – has arrived! We are ever so in love with it and happy to share it with you!  This book has 20 scrappy style projects included for your quilting pleasure.

All 20 projects can be viewed on our website!  Come see!

We also welcome the following new fabric lines:

The Cocheco Mills II collection by Judie Rothermel

This pretty collection is full of the most amazing blues and reds in the perfect shades for your reproduction projects!

Bonnie Blue Basics III by Paula Barnes of Bonnie Blue Quilts

Great group of fabrics to use as “blenders” and “stash enhancement” pieces.  Lovely small prints.

Devon Shirtings by Nancy Gere

Great small prints on these fabrics and excellent shirtings!

Also just in:

Prairie Women’s Sewing Circle: Journey #2

Friendship Strips & Scraps by Edyta Sitar

Jo’s Little Women Club #10
(we currently have 4 more club member packs in stock – we will order more if their is interest! – Just let us know!)

We also have re-stocked our shelves with the following fabric collections:

Ember Reds & Evergreens
Attic Shirtings
Spice Chest
Indigo Berries
Cocoa Express
Toast II
Stafford County
Cinnamon & Spice
Fairfax County
Crimson & Clover
Jo’s Chintz
(some of the above mentioned fabric lines we have the entire collection of – other’s we ordered certain pieces!)

And last but not least, Barbara Brackman’s new line due to be released next month is now available for Pre-Order!

Civil War Reunion Fabric Collection

Now, it’s back to work for us!  We have two extra sets of hands on board today – helping us to pack up all the pre-orders for our book!  If you have already placed your order for our new book, we will have every order packed and shipped by February 1st!  We promise!

Also, if you are “in the area” all the quilt models from our new book, Simply Charming will be delivered to Robert’s Sewing Center in Joliet/Crest Hill, Illinois, this coming Friday (January 28th, 2011) plus the books (we will be dropping them off Friday afternoon)!  So stop by there and see the models and pick up your copy of the book soon!  They are taking phone reservations for the books also! You may call them at 1-815-729-1600

The models for the book will be on display there at Roberts Sewing Center for the entire month of February! Feel free to stop in and browse!

We will also be having a book signing event with demos on:

February 26th from 10 am to Noon at Roberts Sewing Center in Joliet/Crest Hill, Illinois


New Clubs and Fabrics are coming!

The End of 2010 is near….
Thank you for making this the best year yet!  We’ve enjoyed meeting many of you at the quilt shows and have been blessed enough to create new friendships with you online.

This will be our last newsletter of the year.  Just a little reminder that only a few days remain for our annual Year End Website sale.  The sale will be over at midnight on January 1st, 2011.


New On Our Website Now!

Hurrah by Jo Morton is up for Pre-Ordering now and should arrive in January of 2011!

Prairie’s Women’s Sewing Circle, Journey #1 is now available and Journey #2 will be coming soon!  These projects are gorgeous, don’t you agree!

Journey #1

Journey #2

Jo’s Little Women Club #10 is coming very soon!  We have a few more minor details to work out and then we’ll let you know all about it!  You can sign up for the Jo’s Little Women Newsletter on our website for updates on how the club will be run and when it begins!


Also here are a few other monthly clubs that may tickle your fancy….

Spoolin’ Around Club

Simply Charming Club

Simply Strips Club

Simply Sixteenths Club

Plus, we’ve also updated our Fat Sixteenth’s Bundle page…

Assorted Fat Sixteenth Bundles

And our Charm Square page….

Assorted Charm Squares Packs

We have a few more things up our sleeves for 2011, but now it’s time to rest a bit and reflect on the many wonderful things this life has brought to us.  A bit of hand piecing and quilting is calling our name and that is how we will be spending our New Year’s Eve – with family, quilting and watching our favorite movies. Thank you to everyone that has pre-ordered our book.  We are scanning in photos and creating kits to offer you to go along with the projects in the book.  As soon as everything is ready, we will let you have a peek at the projects!

Also, we welcome your comments and suggestions at any time. This time in particular I am asking a favor of you.  We are re-ordering several of Jo Morton’s fabric lines that were introduced this past year and hopefully we will begin to see that fabric arriving at the end of January.  If there is any particular Jo line you are interested in, please be so kind to drop us an email at sewunique7@aol.com  or simply leave a comment!!  We are looking into ordering pieces from her older lines also!

Just a reminder that we will be closed December 31st, 2010 through January 2nd, 2011.  All orders received during this time will begin to ship on January 3rd, in the order they were received. I will be back tomorrow posting the winner here on our blog to the give away we talked about yesterday!

We wish you a very safe and Happy New Year.  May all your dreams, wishes and hopes come true.


Little Pink Stars Fabric Collection

This collection is now in stock!  Designed by Margo Krager – the prints are taken directly from an old quilt with a really neat story behind it.  The quilt belongs to a friend of Margo’s and we are so glad she was able to use it!

Just look at the lovely bubble gum and double pinks, deep saturated blues, the lovely “lights” and the awesome brown! We have fat eighth, fat quarter and 1/2 yard bundles and of course individual fat quarters and yardage!

Little Pink Stars Fabric Collection
In other exciting news around here:

Pre-Orders for the book are now available and for the first 50 people that order the book – we’re tossing in a free package of 20 assorted charm squares to get you on your way and say Thank you!

Simply Charming: Small Scrap Quilts of Yesteryear  

New surprises in store for 2011!

We are really busy working on some new fun and exciting programs for next year. New clubs, kits and fabric bundles by other designers – and more are on their way!  We are working out the final details and hope to bring you all the information in just a few short weeks!


Newsletter & Updates

Just in case you have not signed up for our newsletter yet (Hey – what are you waiting for – go do it now if you did not receive this newsletter this morning – you are missing out!  Go here —- Newsletter Sign Up to sign up today! Just scroll down on the opening page a little bit and you will see the sign up boxes!)
We hope you are enjoying the glorious fall weather (that is if you are in the US – those abroad – we hope you are enjoying your change of season also!)

We are back from a great show in Des Moines, Iowa and special thank you’s to everyone that stopped by to see us!  Many boxes of new fabrics awaited our arrival and here they are!

has finally arrived – individual bundles and yardage are available on our website now!

Annandale Fat Quarters can be viewed with this link – Annandale Fat Quarters

Also 12 different pieces from the Maison de Garance line have arrived – you can view those here:

Bundles and Yardage of Maison de Garance
Fat Quarters of Maison de Garance

Select pieces from the Charlotte line by Sara Morgan

Select pieces from the Abigail line by Sara Morgan


All Spice Chest fabrics are now back in stock!

Pre – Order Fabrics

The following fabric lines are now available for pre-order (each fabric title below is linked to our website for you to click right to it!)

Grace’s Dowry Shirtings by Beth Fuller

Colonial Poison Green & Cheddar by Sara Morgan

Ember Reds and Evergreens by Jo Morton

Civil War Chronicles by Judie Rothermel

Please note – on all pre-orders, if you are ordering other “in stock” fabrics on the same order as you are ordering “pre-order” items – please let us know whether or not to ship all fabrics together once everything has arrived, or if we should ship the items separately as they become available!

All of the above pre-order fabrics should be here within a month!

Sale Fabric
As we approach our leaving for Houston Quilt Festival, we will slowly be packing up inventory for the show over the next 2 weeks.  You will start to notice our inventory of fabric will be reduce as we start bundling and pulling things.  All clearance fabric will be traveling to the show with us (as will everything else!)  So – if there are any goodies in the Sale Fabric section that you want now – better go grab it while you can – they will not last!  We also added the following collection to the Sale Section on our website!

The Cocheco Mills Collection – yardage and bundles

The Cocheco Mills Collection – Fat Quarters

We leave for Houston to be a part of International Quilt Festival in just 2 short weeks!  I hope to see many of you there – be sure and stop by our booth – #2013, 2015, 2017 and 2019 and say hello to us and also to welcome my husband (our helper during the show)!  He’s a “newbie” to working a show booth so be gentle with him!!!!

Also – we have exciting things coming very soon!  We are going to be a part of a great Blog Hop – details to follow as we receive more info!  Great free patterns, recipes and general chit chat will be included between the 12 bloggers that are involved in this hop!

And on a final note, we have received information on upcoming fabric price increases – all across the board.  I have seen a few increases already.  I’m so saddened to hear of yet more increases due to shortages of griege goods overseas and over all increase in costs to produce our wonderful quilting fabrics.  While we are at Quilt Market in a few weeks, we’ll be getting more information on the fabric price increases and will let you know what is to come.  As always, we will continue to do our best to bring you excellent fabric prices and quick shipping!