Stars In Progress!

For the past week or so, I’ve had a new project brewing in my mind.
These cute little antique 4″ finished stars that I bought a year or so ago have been my inspiration along with this:
This is an antique quilt top that I also bought a year or so ago.  I love this quilt top – so many wonderful old fabrics in it!
So I set out creating my new design in EQ and then went on to pulling fabrics from the stash!
A yummy pile of “light” fabrics.
Excellent pile of reproduction fabrics – oh how i love color and design!
Then I set out to make a test block:
Oops – cut off a point there – oh well – life goes on!
Then with the assistance of my boss Bella:
We starched and cut fabric for most of the day yesterday!  Bella is such a good boss to have around – she doesn’t say to much or complain, but let me tell you – she was really being a stinker last night and had to be in the middle of everything I was doing!  She was really intrigued with my hot iron and she scared the daylights out of me with how closely she was getting to it to sniff it out and see what was going on! Thankfully, no kitties were burned or hurt in this process!
After quite a busy and long day of starching, ironing, cutting and many breaks! (Remember – I’m still recovering from Carpal Tunnel surgeries – and yes, I do take frequent breaks when doing repetitive work like cutting and ironing because my hands are still healing.  If I try to do something for too long of a period – I get an achy feeling in the heels of my hands and sometimes a few fingers, so I take breaks and stretch and do my exercises just like I’m supposed to be doing! Did you know it can take up to a year or more for complete recovery – if complete recovery ever does occur?  Oh yes – quite interesting stuff!)
Here is the result of a days work.  44 little piles of yummy fabrics, cut to size and ready to be created into tiny little 4″ finished size stars for my next new pattern design!
Want a sneak peek?
Not much of a sneak peek – but trust me – you’ll see more of this in the future!  Think – cottons and wool – pieced stars and yummy wool applique blocks!  Oh joy – I’m going to have a super fun day today! And I hope your day is just as fun!

Lonestar Log Cabin Progess

Here’s my lonestar center so far!  I don’t think I have showed you this yet with the background fabric added to it!
And we are still plugging away on the Log Cabin Blocks.
I’m making progress – but honestly – It seems to be taking me forever to get anywhere on this quilt!  I’m loving it, but I can’t wait to start putting the top together!  I have one more round to go on my log cabin blocks.  Maybe if I put my foot to the pedal a little today, I can get this last bit accomplished!
Not to many strips left!  The end is near I do believe!
Wish me luck in finishing these blocks today – I might be hoping for more than is possible, I only have 2 hours and 45 minutes till the kids school bus arrives!  I’d like to hand piece a little this evening also and work on my little spool blocks using the February fabric pack for our Spoolin’ Around Club!
Happy quilting and I leave you with this little ditty….

I love quilting and have a plenty of material witnesses to prove it!


In Heaven – I got to sew yesterday!

Yesterday’s highlight around here – I actually got to sit and sew!
And to start off the fun – had to blow the dust off the sewing machine cover,  I had a temporary memory lapse – forgot how to thread my sewing machine.  Then a few minutes later – forgot where my thread cutter button was.  But all is well now and my memory has kicked into high gear again.  Thank goodness!
This is what I accomplished yesterday afternoon.
This will eventually be my border fabric if everything works out the way I have planned. I chose the colors for my quilt directly from this awesome stripe fabric!  It’s from the Bread & Butter line by Kaye England for Wilmington Prints.
These 2 photos are the ones I am pulling inspiration from.  This quilt is for sale at www.amishcountrylanes.com  – a great website for sure!
This is the book I am using for the pattern.  The pattern is called Lonestar Log Cabin.  The book is Tried and True, Renewed published by Leisure Arts.
This is the actual quilt shown in the book.  Mine is going to be more similar to the one on the Amish Country Lanes website.  A few minor adjustments, but I think I can do it!
Now, I’m off to work on the 68 log cabin blocks this quilt needs!  Wish me luck!

Grandma’s Last Quilt

I ordered a really fun looking book last week and it came yesterday!  I love it!
This is Grandma’s Last Quilt.  That is also the title of the book and it is from the editors of Traditional Quiltworks magazine.  You know how I’ve been going through a lot of my older quilt magazine – well this is how I found out about this book – an ad in one of them!  I was able to locate it through amazon.com
Here’s the front cover of the book:
Here’s a little info on it:
Traditional and Original Applique designs by Blanche Burkett White. (1895 – 1978)
Born near Cedarvale, Kansas, Blanche Burkett White was well-known locally for her exquisite workmanship. Now you can make a replica of Blanche’s final, outstanding quilt. 
Full size patterns are included and the blocks finish at 17″ square.
It’s a beauty that’s for sure!

And here’s a neat link to a blog I just found where this blogger is talking about the same quilt!

Quilts – Vintage and Antique

The show this past weekend was a lot of fun.  I’m working on editing the photos I took and I’ll upload those as soon as I work my way through them!

The Compass Rose Quilt

Kathie Holland of Inspired By Antique Quilts has done it again. She wrote another inspiring blog post earlier this week and had a lot of us drooling over oodles of red and green and baltimore quilts.  She is the queen of resources and deserves a crown.  Wow – be sure to check her blog out if you don’t already! (And Kathie – I’m still eyeing your quilt book and pattern collections!)
The evening after I read her post, I was thumbing through old quilt magazines again – I’m on this kick lately.  I found this quilt and thought I would post it today, keeping with the red and green dream quilts that we all wish to make in out futures!
Here’s a little info from this article that can be located in the Fall 1989 issue of Quilts Magazine….
Dream on , dream on, quilters everywhere. We all dream of making that once-in-a lifetime quilted heirloom…a wonderful quilt that that will challenge our abilities and show forth our very best efforts, The Compass Rose quilt is just this kind of challenge!

This beautiful antique heirloom quilt was made over a hundred years ago. The work of this unknown stitcher’s hand is a beauty to behold. Twelve large applique blocks are centered with the well known Rose Of Sharon flower.  The compass points, swag edging and glittering red and gold stars contained within seem to be the product of the quilter’s imagination. The border is a beautiful curving vine with large blossoms and leaves that complement and frame the quilt perfectly.
The pattern for this quilt is included in the magazine!
I’m off this morning to enjoy the first day of our local quilt guild show.  It was a long day setting up my booth yesterday for sure.
Congratulations also to Dave and Krista Darr – they welcomed Kali Sue Darr last night into the world and I became an Auntie again!

Pennsylvania Sampler Quilt

Isn’t this a gorgeous sampler quilt!!  I found this quilt in the 1999 issue of Sampler Quilts magazine produced by Quilt magazine.  The article states it is a century old sampler quilt that is still bright and cheery due to the fact that it had been stored away in an attic trunk for years before being discovered.  Oh how I wish I could have been the one to discover it!  It’s gorgeous!  Look at those neat blocks and the cheddar fabric!
Speaking of cheddar fabric, we have ordered a new cheddar solid fabric to carry on our website as the cheddar solid we have carried in the past has been discontinued.  We will now have this one:
This is a Kona cotton and should arrive next week.  We have already uploaded it on our website and you can pre-order yardage if you would like here:
Now, back to that quilt —- here is one of the quilt blocks in the sampler quilt.  It’s called Six Point Star Puzzle.
I will make this block in my lifetime.  I love it!  I really like the fabrics the quiltmaker used also – I could only dream of ever finding vintage fabrics like these at an auction or estate sale.  Look at it – is that not awesome!
And in other news, we have re-ordered the entire line of Reflections Of An Era Past by Paula Barnes of Bonnie Blue Quilts.  I just received word that all the bolts will ship out tomorrow, which means we will have all those gorgeous fabrics next week!  So – the entire fabric line is now available on our website again on Pre-Order. Your credit card will not be charged until the fabric has safely arrived here, cut and is on it’s way to you!

If you would like to view each of these fabrics click on this link:
Also, our inventory on a few of the A Journey Through Time fabrics by Judie Rothermel are running low.  Particularly these 3 pieces
So, I have placed an order for more of those and a few of the other great pieces from this collection.
Those fabrics should be here the first week in October.  Each of the above 3 mentioned fabrics, we do have a little fabric remaining.  If you would like more yardage than what is available, you can pre-order that also.  Each of the fabrics on our web-site will tell you how much fabric is remaining if you care to have any of it now!  You can view this fabric here:
And the much anticipated Annandale line from Jo Morton has not yet arrived, I’m sad too and really wanting this fabric to get here! 
We are expecting it any day now, I spoke with Andover last week and was told it was shipping the last week of September.  You can pre-order yardage or bundles of fabric now if you would like.  You can view that fabric line here:
I’m off to finish packing the trailer for this weekends quilt show we are vending at.  It’s very hot and humid here today and I keep putting it off, but it’s not going to get any cooler!! 

A Little Eye Candy

Well, as I sat here this morning trying to patiently wait for the Fed Ex truck to get here and bring me a replacement part for my printer – I received a few fun photos on FaceBook!  Look at this eye candy!  My Aunt has been one busy person lately!

This photo above is from a pattern that appeared in the May/June 2008 issue of Fons & Porters Love Of Quilting Magazine!  Isn’t it pretty!  This is one that is on my “to-do” list for sure! It’s called “Spin Wheel”.

Oh and what do we have here!  This is from one of my patterns that was in the Fall 2008 issue of Quilts & More magazine! It’s called Ease into Autumn!  So pretty!

And this one above is a must make too!  I love it – but I’m having a memory lapse and can’t remember the name of it!
Look at the pinks and browns!  OOOOO – I have to get this pattern, I know I’ve seen it somewhere but my mind is blank – I’ve got a case of what we in the industry call “Quilt Market Brain” right now!  LOL
This one is going to be a beauty when it’s finished!  Pinks and yellows- yum!  How delicate looking!
And look at these pretty little victorian boots!  These just scream my Aunt completely! They are so precious!
And these pretty blocks remind me of my Grandma.  She made a quilt for me with a similar block on it and I just treasure it!  I wish I could get pictures of all the quilts my Grandma made for each of her grandbabies.  What a nice photo album that would make.  She made a lot of quilts in her lifetime and I would give anything to be able to see them all now.
Well, my Aunt has been pretty busy lately making lots of beautiful quilts!  Wow – I need to get down there for a visit soon and see these gems in person!  Keep sewing Aunt Julie!  Love you!

Rosalia Flower Garden Quilt

Well, we have a name for the block from yesterday’s quilt that I showed.  It is Rosalia’s Flower Garden.

It was originally a Kansas City Star pattern, originally published December 3, 1939. Block pattern found in Jinny Beyer’s book “The Quilter’s Album of Patchwork Patterns”. Page 416 block #2

The block can also be found in Barbara Brackman’s book “Encyclopedia of Pieced Pattern”. Page 70 block #430. In this book it’s listed as being called Jack’s Chain also!

Here’s a link to an antique quilt of the same pattern:


And here is a photo of the another quilt of this pattern found at the above link:

Thanks go out to my Aunt Julie who called me yesterday with the pattern name!  Makes life a little easier now doesn’t it!


Name This Quilt Pattern

OK, the last show I did was in Valparaiso, Indiana and was put on by the String A Long Quilt Guild.  Great show – if you are close to that area, be sure to go to their next show in 2012!

Here is a quilt that I love and think would be so great and quick to piece.  The nine patches I could whip up on the sewing machine and use fabrics from my scrap basket.  Then I’m thinking the actual assembly of the quilt top would be a great hand piecing project while I’m on the road doing quilt shows!

So, here’s the question of the day – Anyone have any idea what this quilt pattern is called? I’m sure I could draw it out in EQ 6, but I would really love to know the name of the pattern!


Pictures For My Aunties

Here’s a few photos of a quilt I saw this past weekend that I’m posting especially for my two Aunts that will just love it! (Don’t forget – you can click on the photos to make them larger!)  I wish I were there with both of you right now!  I thought of you both when I was looking at this quilt – it was just so sweet to see in person!