Lonestar Log Cabin Finished!

 Surprisingly – these mitered corners on my quilt went together easily and quickly last night.  Usually mitered corners on small quilts are a breeze for me and then when I do them on larger quilts – I run into a snag or two.  But this time the “quilting Gods” were with me!
And here is the finished quilt top!  I’m loving it!  Please excuse the props you see in the background – photography genius I am not – and my living room is only so big!  This quilt was way to large for me to put up on the design wall and try to take a picture!  I attempted that this morning and could not stand back far enough to get a good picture!  So the living room floor it is and me standing way up on the stair case looking down acting like a monkey hanging over the ledge to get a good picture!  (picture that without laughing!)
I’m getting the backing fabric ready today and then I’ll be shipping this pretty quilt off to the long arm quilter along with 3 other quilt tops that have been sitting here needing a little attention!
Then I think I might just work on a little Jo Morton quilt today if all goes well!  Have a great day!

Borders are going on smoothly…

The borders are going on smoothly this evening.  The Lonestar Log Cabin quilt is getting closer to being finished and headed to the long armquilter.
It’s been a good project.  Took me awhile to get it completed with everything else we’ve been busy with. I’m bound and determined to get these mitered borders finished tonight!  Wish me luck!

Today’s adventure

Well, today finds me having a little more fun on this quilt.  I achieved my personal mini goal yesterday and was able to complete all the log cabin blocks!  Yeah me!
Last night I arranged the upper left corner of the quilt.  I fussy cut a particular stripe fabric I had in my stash to go around the medallion lonestar center and I’m really loving that.  Now, here’s the funny part.  I did not like how that outer border was looking at all to my naked eye. I started thinking, OK Tara – that’s just not going to cut it.  Darn – guess I’ll use it as a backing!
Well, live and learn – how many times have I heard of people taking photos of their quilts and then changing their minds about certain things once they see the digital image??  Tons – now that I’ve taken this photo and looked at it all from a different angle – I’m liking the border fabric again.  Live and learn I guess!
Today, my goal is to complete this section of the quilt.  Then I hope to pull some fabrics to get started on making a sample of one of the Jo’s Little Women Club #10 quilts.  Also, I want to pull some fabrics for one of the quilts from the Prairie Women’s Sewing Circle Journey #1 club quilts!  Sounds like a pretty busy day to me!  Oh yeah, some hand piecing on those spool blocks again this evening sounds quite enticing with a nice hot cup of tea!

Lonestar Log Cabin Progess

Here’s my lonestar center so far!  I don’t think I have showed you this yet with the background fabric added to it!
And we are still plugging away on the Log Cabin Blocks.
I’m making progress – but honestly – It seems to be taking me forever to get anywhere on this quilt!  I’m loving it, but I can’t wait to start putting the top together!  I have one more round to go on my log cabin blocks.  Maybe if I put my foot to the pedal a little today, I can get this last bit accomplished!
Not to many strips left!  The end is near I do believe!
Wish me luck in finishing these blocks today – I might be hoping for more than is possible, I only have 2 hours and 45 minutes till the kids school bus arrives!  I’d like to hand piece a little this evening also and work on my little spool blocks using the February fabric pack for our Spoolin’ Around Club!
Happy quilting and I leave you with this little ditty….

I love quilting and have a plenty of material witnesses to prove it!