Quilt Market ReCap Day 4

Are you enjoying these Quilt Market photos?  Here are a few more!
Here’s me again – sitting at my super cool treadle table that I used as a little office space in my booth!  I bought this neat piece of furniture at an antique shop here locally and really lucked out on the price!  I paid $20 or $25 – one or the other – I cannot remember now, but I snatched it up quick when I first saw it!

And here is Lynne Hagmeier designer of all those wonderful patterns published under the name – Kansas Troubles Quilters, her husband and her daughter.
I had the great pleasure of having Lynne as a chauffeur the day before set up at Quilt Market.  Pam Buda and I road along with Lynne as she took us to a bunch of really awesome antique shops and then a fabulous Mexican restaurant.  Many goodies were found and I really enjoyed that peaceful and relaxing day out shopping!  The perfect thing to do before all the work of setting up a booth for Quilt Market!

And here we have Nancy Rink Designs

Quilt Market ReCap Day 3

Here is Day 3 of our Quilt Market ReCap!!!  I hope you are enjoying your little peek at Quilt Market this week!
Here we have the ever creative and wonderful Connie Huddleson of Starry Pines Designs and she also owns The Little Wool Shoppe in Windsor, Colorado!

Joyce Weeks and Norma Whaley of Geoffs Mom Pattern Designs

Dawn Heese of Linen Closet Designs

AnneMarie Yohnk of Quilts Remembered

Vicki Olsen and Jill Shaulis of Yellow Creek Quilt Designs

See you back here tomorrow with more Quilt Market pictures!

Quilt Market ReCap Day 1

I haven’t done a whole lot of sharing some of the photos I took from Quilt Market, so for the rest of the week – I’m going to do just that!

A lot of the photos I’ll be sharing over the next week were taken by Pam Buda of Heartspun Quilts – she snapped a lot of good ones where as a lot of mine were taken with my IPad and I appear to need a bit more practice with it!  I’m a bit shaky with that thing – should have carried around my good Nikon camera – but oh well – live and learn!

Enjoy my Quilt Market ReCap!

Here is Miss Pam herself, along with Lisa Bongean of Primitive Gatherings in the center and myself on the right.

And next we have some pictures from some of the goodies in Lisa’s booth:

 Here is Kathy of The Cottage at Cardiff Farm she introduced some really neat patterns at quilt market also!

Here is “one half” of The Quilt Crow Design team!!  Love their new book and their patterns are awesome!

Next we have Paula and Mary Ellen of Red Crinoline Quilts (formerly Bonnie Blue Quilts)  Love their stuff – always have, always will!

And that will do it today!  See ya tomorrow!


The Unveiling of The Legacy Sampler Quilt & Blog Give Away!

Thanks for coming back to view the surprise project we have in store for you!
I introduce you to:
The Legacy Sampler
Designed by 16 quilt designers (each of us listed below!)
16 Country Vintage Designers have come together to offer a unique block of the month program to quilt shop owners who attend the May market in Kansas City & complete the Kansas City March Booth Hop.  Which in turn – will bring this fabulous new Block of The Month program to each of you valued quilting lovers at your local favorite quilt shop!  Each of the 16 designers has created a special block for the quilt “Our Legacy Sampler” shown above. Quilt Shop owners will also have the chance to win this quilt for their shop by visiting each of the Kansas City March booths in May.  There will also be a number of other prizes for the participants of the hop including fabric bundles, pattern bundles, books and more!
I welcome each of you to visit our website we have created to give you more information on this outstanding project! Please forward this information on to your favorite quilt shop!!!
Click the Logo Below to be taken directly to the Kansas City March Website!
And here are each of the designers involved in this awesome project – including their website address! ((((Now – pay attention to each of our blocks – I want you to pick out your favorite and tell me which one you like the best – but not quite yet – take your time and enjoy and browse and finish reading this blog post all the way to the end!))))  Just click on each of the quilt blocks below to visit their websites! If you would like to visit their blogs (if they have one) I’ve provided the links for their individual blogs directly below their quilt blocks!!!  Enjoy!
(Keep reading – I know you can’t stand the suspense of what the Blog Give Away is all about – but bare with me – and NO this is not an April Fool’s Joke!)

And here are the wonderful companies that are sponsoring our group endeavor!
Wow – congratulation – you’ve made it to the end of this awesome blog post!  And now for the Blog Give Away!  I want to know the name of your favorite brick and mortar (meaning they have an actual building that you walk into to shop at!) quilt shop.  Which quilt shop in your area – or that is far away from you that you have visited is your absolute favorite quilt shop?  PLUS (and this part is optional!) – if you have shopped online – I also want to know the name of your favorite online quilt shop!
So – to qualify for this Blog Give Away – you have to give me the name and city or state of your favorite quilt shop to drive to and shop at and this part is optional – your favorite online quilt shop that you order from!
 For each person that comments your name will be entered into our drawing to give away this gorgeous Fat Quarter Bundle of Crimson Bouquet fabric that was designed by Jo Morton for Andover Fabrics!
Here’s a peak at the fabric:
Please leave a comment to be entered into our drawing.  We will draw the winning name this coming Friday April 6th, 2012! 
Happy April everyone!

More Little "Peeks" for you…..

Yesterday I gave you a few teeny, tiny glimpses at what myself and 15 other designers have been doing “behind the scenes” for months now.  We have a secret project that is very near completion and will be introduced to the quilting world – oh so soon!
Here’s another little glimpse:
Oh gosh, I just cannot take the anticipation any longer – here’s another peek:
OK – I have to stop there – and you will just have to stop back here tomorrow to see the “unveiling” of our secret project!  I cannot stand the suspense any longer!
In other news – I’m out the door today to visit yet another quilt show – as long as the weather holds up and no nasty storms come through – I’ll be taking in a large selection of gorgeous quilts!
Have a great Saturday – and we’ll see you back here tomorrow for the “unveiling” ceremony!


Surprises in store for you….

Are you curious what happens when you gather up 16 awesome quilt designers and toss them all together to create a “secret” project to introduce to Quilt Shops all over the USA and abroad, which in turn will bring a fabulous new Block Of The Month program to each of you – our valued customers and fellow quilt lovers?
Well, I’ve got another little sneak peek for you (I’m just so terrible for posting so many of these sneak peeks lately!!!  Ha Ha!!).  I’ve been busting at the “seams” now for months – not saying a word what we have been working on – long distance mind you – the 16 designers involved in this little surprise that will be unveiled in Kansas City for International Quilt Market in May 2012 are spread out all over the USA.  But thanks to our creative minds and talents – that didn’t matter.  
Are these cute – gorgeously put together little star blocks “peeking” your interest yet?
These little stars are part of the “secret” project that we will be unveiling on April 1st, 2012 on a very special little blog.
Oh, but I cannot help myself.  Stop back tomorrow and I’ll give you another small glimpse of what you will see starting this Sunday, April 1st!