Just That Kind Of Day…

Well, it’s just going to be one of those days.  Strong storms and a lot of rain are predicted for my area today.  Bummer, I would really like to stitch outside on the deck today!  I go to the Chiropractor this morning for a little adjustment and then this afternoon (when the weather man predicts strong winds and rain) I have to drive 45 minutes away for my physical therapy.  So my day is kind of going to be broken up here and there where I can actually sit and work.
So, this morning I pulled out some Dear Jane Blocks and got to work!
I just love seeing finished blocks up on my design board!  The goal is to finish this top border for my Dear Jane quilt within a couple weeks.  Then I’ll pick another row of the quilt and work on getting it finished!  Nice plan, we’ll see if I can stick with it!

Last night I was able to do this…..
I cut and placed more pieces on one of the borders for my Stars & Sprigs block.  I guess I’m prepared if this storm knocks out our power for a little while!
And somewhere in between all this “fun” stuff today, I will be working on some new pattern designs and finishing off another project for another one of our books that will be out next spring!
Hope everyone has a wonderful day!

Fabric Bundles For Sale

I decided to list some more things on Ebay today.  I already have a ton of quilting patterns and finished quilts listed for sale. You can find my items by searching for ebay ID   sewunique   or here is a link to all the auctions for you to browse.
Below are the fabric bundles I listed this morning. Below each picture is the fabric lines name and you can click on that name/link and it will take you directly to the auction.
Later on today I’m going to be listing some wool auctions – hand dyed woolens and mill dyed plaids, houndstooths etc.


So gorgeous outside today!

It is just so gorgeous outside today, I cannot take being inside a minute longer, but I wanted to blog first before I head outside to do some design work and then start stitching on another project!
I just want to let everyone know that I have some of my smaller quilts that I made and where used as the models for my pattern covers for sale on Etsy.  My Etsy ID is: sewuniquecreations
Also on Etsy are some of my patterns in PDF form.  Etsy just introduced a new program where when you purchase a PDF download – you instantly get the pattern in your mailbox after payment!  How cool is that!
Anyhow, here is an example of one of the little quilts for sale on Etsy right now:
Last night we enjoyed watching our daughter walk down the aisle as she graduated 8th grade.  So we officially have 2 high school students!  It hit both my husband and I on the drive home last night that pretty soon they will have wings and begin to fly away from our little nest.  I sure miss my babies being little, but this is such an exciting stage in their lives.  It’s wonderful to see how they have matured and how they each are taking after us in mannerism etc.,  They are good kids, and I’m proud of them.  Here is a picture of Bob and I with Ashley after the ceremony last night.
Here is a picture of her huge graduating class.  The largest ever to come from our Middle School!
Have a great day everyone!  I’m headed outside to enjoy the warmth and work on some design while relaxing on my deck!  I just love this beautiful weather!

Great Way To Start My Day!!!

This morning I’m enjoying a little peaceful quiet stitching time before my day gets all busy and hectic! I’m working on another Patchwork of the Crosses blocks. I really am enjoying hand piecing these blocks. They go together so quickly and choosing the fabrics for each one is so much fun!
Later I’m off to the chiropractor and then this evening we will watch my daughters 8th grade graduation ceremony! Then I will officially have two high school students in my home!
Just wanted to let you all know I have some great eBay auctions going right now! I have a lot of my quilts up for sale, some fabric bundles, and a ton of quilting patterns by other designers that I’m trying to weed out a bit! My eBay ID is sewunique or you can follow the link below to view my goodies!
There is one quilt I have up for auction and a portion of the proceeds will be going to the American Red Cross to help out a little with those disastrous tornadoes in Oklahoma and the surrounding area! I just cannot imagine what those poor people are going through.  Tough times for sure and it’s so sad.
Here’s the quilt:

 Hope you all have a wonderful day and get the chance to sit and sew for a little while!


The Blue and The Gray – New Quilt Book

This book that I received last week has me drooling!  The Blue and the Gray: Quilt Patterns using Civil War Fabrics by Mary Etherington and Connie Tesene who are the owners of Country Threads Quilt Shop in Garner, Iowa.
This book is jam packed with great scrappy projects.  Each of them makes me want to dive right into my scrap bin and start – – – yet another project!  LOL
Anyhow – here are photos from the book that might just have you running to your local quilt shop to get your own copy!


Hands All Around Quilt Guild Show 2013

This past Sunday I had the privilege of going to one of my favorite guild quilt shows.  I enjoy this show so much because of not only the talent, but the amount of hand piecing, hand applique and hand quilting that this wonderful group does.
Here is a link where you can go and view all the quilts I took pictures of – these are located in my Google Account and I welcome you to join my “circle” there so that you can see the other wonderful photos in my album.

You can also view the quilts in my Flickr account if you prefer, here is that link:

Here’s a couple of my favorites:

This is a picture of the Raffle Quilt for the show

My Sewing Room… the good, the bad and the ugly!

We just started a new topic over on my YaHoo group 
(check it out if you haven’t already!  Come join us – we are in for some fun!).  I challenged everyone to show pictures of their sewing rooms – clean, not clean etc.  So, I took photos of my office, sewing room and various storage areas that I “claim” as my space in our basement.  The following are the photos – some with descriptions and some not – because they speak for themselves.
This is how I left my sewing room yesterday after I turned off the lights for the day.  So you get to see my reality.  I don’t always clean up to perfection at the end of each work day.  Most of the time I leave it as is so  tomorrow I can pick up where I left off!  Make sense?  Kind of like my home.  Our home is just that a home – not a show place – a nice comforting space that we live in – it’s not for show and kept cleaned and sparkling to perfection.  Our home is comfy and clean and live able and sometimes messy yes – but we love it!
I love looking at beautiful sewing spaces and envy many for theirs.  But this is my reality as we do not have a super huge home – it’s not tiny but it’s big enough to fit the four of us quite comfortably.  Toss in a home based business that has been growing for over 12 years now and I claim the basement off limits for anything but business – and of course that corner where the washer and dryer are!  LOL  We thought about building onto our current home to include an upstairs first floor work area for me and enlarge the second floor rooms but we really do not want to live here forever and we did not want to increase our mortgage or borrow any money.  We’d rather save our money for now and buy another home in the future that suits us and is in an area that we want to be in – not a city and not in Illinois.  We hope to move to Kentucky, West Virginia and maybe even Tennessee in the future after the kids graduate high school.
I try hard each day to keep “work” in the work area in the basement and when I turn that light off for the day – work is done.  It’s hard to do, but I try.  During Market times when the frenzy of getting ready to do that big show hits – I’m spread out all over the house and garage like a crazy person trying to get ready.  I’ll have to take pictures of that and document that someday also!
During normal times like now, work stays in the basement. Then upstairs in the living room on the first floor, sitting at the kitchen table looking outside into our backyard or sitting on the deck out in the backyard enjoying my flowers and pets I try to keep for peaceful “me” time.
Here ya go:
Entry into my sewing room
This is the pile of scraps I’m cutting next for my Great Aunt! I cut scraps up for her every morning and will continue to do so until I get through the large tub of fabrics that I’ve been buying for her.  I buy scrap bags at some of the quilt shows just for her and my other Aunt.  My rule here is I cannot move these pieces just to get them out of the way  – I have to cut them up and put them in their respective boxes waiting to be shipped out.  That way I have to cut these before I use my ironing board!  I trick myself into cutting this fabric up everyday!  Nice huh???
See the pile on the floor?  Usually I toss all those tiny bits into a large ziploc bag and save them to make dog beds – I made one this weekend and left the bag somewhere else in the house and was to lazy to go looking for it, so the pile on the floor started. Tisk, Tisk….
Love my huge cutting table, it takes up a ton of space, put I love it! It’s one of those tables that is electronic and at the push of a button I can raise the table height or lower it.  If I want to I can tilt that table also.  Love this thing to pieces – but it’s a monster to move!  LOL
See my monkey hanging from the ceiling – that was an anniversary gift from dear hubby years ago!  Awwww…..
Looking straight into my room from the doorway.  See under my sewing table – that is more strips already cut into 2 1/2″ and 1 1/2″ strips just waiting to be sewn up!
Quilts folded up waiting for binding in the bottom left corner.  Through the doorway on the right you see my “wall of little quilts” in the small hallway that separates my office, sewing room and the “scary” storage space and the washer and dryer.
Lots of stuffed animals on my shelves courtesy of my kids!  They love buying cute little stuffed things for me!
See the mess I left on my sewing table?  I’m only human!  Quilt draped on the chair that needs binding sewn on, boxes on the table with squares cut up for my Great Aunt to sew and yet more boxes on the floor with other shapes for her also! Oh and there is the backing for the quilt on my design wall that is waiting to be finished!
This is the view of my office from the doorway.
Where I park myself to work on the computer.

Books, magazines, files etc… all boring stuff! (kidding)

Entryway of office!
One wall of quilts and pictures.  The stairs leading to our home is on the right.  It’s a nice view from upstairs looking down here with all those pretties hanging up on the wall!
Ignore the unfinished wall – this is part of the “ugly”.  This wall has been unfinished for years and it doesn’t look like a “certain someone” will be finishing it anytime soon. So, I’m just going to work on covering all that ugliness up!  LOL  You see the doorway to my sewing room on the left side of the photo.

Wall of small quilts.  Love looking at this wall.  To the right you see a curtain.  I put that there so I didn’t have to see so much of the “ugly” area of the basement that is not finished and is a hodge podge of storage behind that curtain.
Storage under the stairs.  This space drives me crazy, but I have to deal with it.  Way in the back behind that roll of batting I store all my homespun fabrics in bins.  The shelving unit stores my collection of 80s and 90s calicoes that I love. I did move 2 of my moveable design walls out of the way so you could at least see a little bit of the “dungeon” under the stairs!

This storage area has all my “works in progress” and a few of the bins hold specialty threads, stock of rotary blades and cutters, quilting supplies etc.  See that stack of fabric on the right – that is what I need to hit and start cutting up for scrap quilts for Christmas, weddings and birthday gifts. 


Further along here is my bolt storage, books and more magazines!
There is another area I forgot to take a picture of that houses more folded fabric to the left – that area holds all my pinks, purples, yellows, oranges and toiles or large print background fabrics.
The woolie area.
Wall ‘o creams, whites and tans.  Storage containers on the floor that hold all my pastel fabrics separated by color and also bins of old reproduction fabric that I collect.
The brown wall – and just to the right you start to see my wall of purples, pinks, oranges, yellows and bigger bolder type background fabrics and toiles.
Again the brown wall and more storage for old repro fabrics in the bins on the floor.
This is my ugliest eyesore and I cannot believe I’m sharing this mess.  Here are almost all my solid fabrics divided by colors into their respective bins.  Then we have bins of strips already cut, bins of scraps, vintage feedsacks, a bin of 30’s reproduction fabric and on the top are quilts that need repaired, need quilted etc.  On the very bottom shelf that you cannot see is some of my canned foods that I processed and preserved last year. I have one other small shelving unit that sits between my washer and dryer – just to the left in this picture and it holds even more solid fabrics in bins and 2 shelves of the kids memorabilia from over the years and a shelf that holds laundry detergents etc.  Boring stuff I figured you didn’t want to see.
So now you see my life.  I’m cramped in my space, but I truly to love it and it’s mine.  I work in this area and have just about everything I need right here at the touch of my fingers.  It might not all be pretty, but it’s mine – all mine – bought and paid for! 
Hubby told me when we move – hopefully in a few years – that I better hire movers and 2 or 3 semis because he is not carrying all this up the stairs!  LOL – no problem dear hubby!


I jumped in feet first – my pieced hexie journey begins….

I’ve completely lost my mind and started yet another project!  But you know what?  I’m ok with that.  We creative souls seem to understand that it’s perfectly normal to have several projects going at once! Right??
Anyhow, this morning I decided to head over to Craftsy and see what in the world that was all about.  Wooooo – there’s a whole new world out there!  Classes on line.  Classes on line at a good price, that I don’t have to get out of my jammies, put my face on, fix my hair and get in the car to get too.  Darn it – I now have another addiction…. Craftsy.
I was interested inparticular about these “Pieced Hexies” I’ve been hearing about at the quilt shop and through other bloggers, Pinterest and FaceBook!  Pieced Hexies – yep – that’s my newest project.
I took a class to learn all about this method of pieced hexagons and I really enjoyed myself.  Jammies on, coffee in hand, hair pulled back in a ponytail – no makeup on and I could relax in my favorite chair and enjoy learning with Queen Bee Bella my kitty sitting next to me.
Mickey Depre is the brain behind Pieced Hexies  you can visit her and enjoy her class on Craftsy by following this link or clicking on the photo above:
This is a brand new class, but I’ve been hearing the “buzz” and chatter all around me about this class and her book!
Pieced Hexies by Mickey Depre – by my favorite publisher Kansas City Star!
Here’s Mickey herself – love the shades!
In the Craftsy class, Mickey explains everything in such an easy to understand way – just like she’s sitting right here with me!  And I could even ask her a question if I wanted to – on Craftsy they offer the option of asking questions, and you can take notes all right there!  It’s really neat! 
All the way from cutting the fabrics the right sizes to fit the english paper pieces, to her great way of basting, and then how she secures the corners on her hexies.  Awesome – just awesome! I really enjoyed this class.

Isn’t this above design cool!  I see visions in my head already of making something using my favorite reproduction fabrics like the one above.  Maybe a small wallhanging with this type of design in the center – like a medallion style little quilt???

These are 2 samples that someone else who took the class made!  Aren’t they neat!  Oh – and that photo before this one – that is also a sample from a student!
I’m super excited.  I pulled out a scrap basket and I’m just going to tinker around with this today and see what mischief I can get into.  I’m so pleased I jumped in and took this class.  Super fun and super easy!  I love it!
Here’s a few more pictures for you of pieced hexies below that I found on the internet.  I’ll catch up with you later – it’s a nice sunny day out, I’m going to grab my jacket – go sit on the deck and start prepping some pieced hexies!  WooHoo!
And just an FYI – this is not any type of paid promotion or anything like that.  I don’t get into that.  If you’ve followed my blog long enough or follow me on FaceBook – you know I like to share with you anything fun and cool I find.  If it has to do with quilting and enjoying a new to me technique – I’m there and I’ll tell ya what I think about it!

Fun At The Quilt Merchant!

Yesterday I had such a good time at The Dear Jane meeting. We are nearing the end of our sessions – if I would have kept up on making the blocks, my quilt would nearly be finished! That’s ok though – a Dear Jane quilt is a long term project for sure!

Here are some of the outer border blocks done by my neighbor at the club! I’m sorry – I didn’t catch her name, but what a talented gal!

Here is our fearless group leader on the right Miss Valerie! And on the left, the former owner of the quilt shop, Miss Docia!

Here is a beautiful quilt top completed by another Dear Janer that she brought in for show and tell. This was a class/BOM offered at The Quilt Merchant this past year. It’s a pattern by Patchwork by Busyfingers!


Here is one of my pattern designs on display in the shop!


And then here are three of my pennyrug designs on display in the shop! How exciting!

The new owner of The Quilt Merchant is such a sweetheart! She has moved here all the way from France! Her name is Valerie Langue and you can visit her blog here:

Journey Of A Quilt Lover

If you are local (the shop is located in Winfield, IL) stop in and welcome her. If you cannot make it into the shop, visit the website and shop away and be sure to sign up on their email newsletter list for upcoming events, news etc.!


The Quilt Merchant