Little LeMoyne Star Monday & Mrs. Miller’s Apprentice Quilt

I had a nice relaxing weekend hand stitching some more Little LeMoyne Star blocks. These little hand-pieced treasures are addicting!  I also worked a bit more on the layout for my stars and so far, I’m happy with it.  I need to tweak my measurements just a tad bit more, but I really like it so far! I’m using a set of quilt stamps for the actual LeMoyne Star blocks, but the layout (the pink fabric around the blocks in the center of my photo) I had to draw myself.  I’ll probably upload it to my website to share with those of you interested in it after I’m sure I have the measurements exact for templates!
This morning I worked on my Mrs. Miller Apprentice BOM. I am so in love with this fabric line by Pam Buda for Marcus Fabrics.  The name of the fabric line is the same as the BOM – Mrs. Miller’s Apprentice.  Gorgeous shades of blues and creams and ivories. This fabric line is available in quilt shops now.
This is going to be such a gorgeous quilt and I look forward to participating in this year long project! If you haven’t made any of Pam’s creations – her company name is Heartspun Quilts.  Her directions in her patterns are phenomenal and she uses excellent graphics in the directions also!


I also downloaded a book recently that peaked my interest.  For those of you that don’t know – I love to read. I have many different favorite authors, but this past weekend this book by Patricia MacDonald really caught my attention.  So far – I love it!!! The Girl In The Woods is the name of the book and you can click on the amazon link above to read more about it!
And I almost forgot to post about our Splendid Sampler II blocks!  Some of you may follow me on FaceBook and Instagram – but if not – here are my blocks from this past week 
Are you making the Splendid Sampler II quilt?  


If you haven’t already purchased your copy of The Splendid Sampler II book – just click on the book image above and it will take you right to Amazon where you can purchase a copy of the book and even the kindle version (which is awesome by the way!)
I think I should do a blog post this week and update all of you here also on all the blocks I have completed for The Splendid Sampler II quilt.  I am part of a Sew-A-Long on Facebook and we post our blocks every week as we get them done! It’s “sew” much fun!
Have a wonderful Monday!

Little LeMoyne Stars

After taking several days off from blogging after my 31 straight day blogging challenge this past December – I wanted to blog about something fun and interesting. Plus document on my blog several photos I have been sharing on FaceBook and Instagram!
I’ve been enjoying being a part of a group of quilters online  that are piecing LeMoyne Star blocks!
If you do a little search on FaceBook or Instagram using the hashtag littlelemoynemonday ~ you will be entertained by many, many photos quilters of all talents are posting.  
I myself am hand-piecing my little LeMoyne Stars.  I have a temporary plan to make a bed size quilt with my little 3″ finished blocks. I’m still working on the layout to see if I can make it work, but I believe it just may be do-able!
There are so many excellent photos that many of us are sharing on Instagram of the journeys we are on as we hand piece these little stars.  Actually, I should correct myself in saying that to include everyone – there are some that are making stars in larger sizes.  Come and do a search for #littlelemoynemonday and maybe join the peaceful bliss of hand piecing!
I am using quilt stamps for my blocks. These are special little stamps that I press onto an ink pad that is safe to use on fabrics and completely washes out, then I press the stamp on the back of my chosen fabrics.  And like magic – there are my cutting and sewing lines! The stamps I am using for this particular project  ~ you can view in the upper right corner in the photo below and you can also see the ink pad I am using:
Here is a better photo of the actual set of stamps I am using:
This particular stamp set is called “LeMoyne Star Small” and is item # CRE0152. For those of you in the USA – they can be ordered on the following two websites (the second link is also an actual quilt shop, so those of you within driving distance of Winfield, Illinois can just hop on over there and grab a set of stamps!)
There are a few other quilt stamps available besides just the brand I’ve mentioned already – and I’ll get to that in a second.  I want to point out my favorite thing about this stamp in particular – it’s clear, which means I can see through the stamping area – right to the fabric I’m stamping on.  I can pinpoint different shapes on the fabric if I am wanting to “fussy-stamp” my templates!
Now, here is another quilt stamp company that also offers a huge variety of see-through stamps

The link is just above to see this gals beautiful work and her awesome quilt stamps!  She has a ton and she is so nice!  I enjoy following her page on FaceBook and Instagram as well, Her photos are so entertaining and gorgeous!
Another personal favorite quilt stamp company is:
I have several of Cindy’s stamps and love them.  Back in the day when I used to sell tons of fabrics on my website and traveled to vend at quilting shows, I sold her stamps and had fabric clubs involving them.  Some of you might remember that!
For those of you that might want to follow along and make a few Little LeMoyne Stars but may not be interested in the quilt stamping world and lean more toward templates (which I love also!)  Here is a fabulous pattern and template set. This pattern has actually started a bit of a “frenzy” in the quilting world with many of us following along on what has become know as the make  “Star-A-Day Challenge”
And lastly another of my favorite (I have many) ways to prepare fabric for piecing.  InkLingo.  This awesome website is full of different shapes and patterns that delight all quilters.  This is a unique type of program as you print the templates right from your at home printer. You can read more on the InkLingo website (linked below) but basically, you prepare your chosen fabrics and “feed” them into your printer instead of paper!
Linda Franz is the creator of the InkLingo system and there are so many different shapes and sizes 
available, not only for the LeMoyne Star but several other favorite quilting patterns!
Well, that’s all for me today, I’m off to finish some pattern writing – we have 6 new patterns coming out this month and I have some machine piecing on some other new projects I’m working on!
I invite you to leave us a comment also!  We had a few issues with our commenting system and I think I have it fixed now – so test it out for me if you wouldn’t mind!
**** I need to drop a little hint for an upcoming surprise also!  I can’t quite let the cat out of the bag yet – but we have a fun and fabulous Quilt-A-Long to share with you very soon!  So get your rotary cutters ready to go because we are going to be cutting into our stashes very soon – together ~~~ now how fun will that be to all “Quilt-A-Long” on a project that is fun and simple and quite pretty if I might add!
Have an awesome day!

All About Inklingo and the Patchwork Of The Crosses Quilt I am making

I’ve been getting a lot of emails and posts on our Facebook pages asking questions about the InkLingo product we are using to make our Patchwork of the Crosses Quilt, so I thought I would do another blog post about InkLingo.
Here is a picture of a couple of my Patchwork Of The Crosses quilt blocks:
I am using Inklingo to print the pattern shapes on the wrong side of each of my fabrics!  Isn’t that neat!  I absolutely love this program because it saves me so much time.
Below is a picture of the companion book for the Lucy Boston: Patchwork of the Crosses.

If you click on the InkLingo Logo below it will take you to the “quick start” page that will help you understand more about this program.
Inklingo works with any printer.  After you purchase the “shape collection” of your choice, you will be given a link to download the PDF file of the shape collection you purchased.  There are a lot of different shape collections you can buy.  The Patchwork of the Crosses collection, hexagons, clamshells, applecore, dresdan plate, feathered star, double wedding ring, farmers daughter and the list goes on and on.
Now – you have the PDF file for the shape collection and what do you do with it? Print it on fabric, cut the shapes out and start sewing!  That’s basically it – how easy!
I recommend downloading the free “Smart Shoppers Idea Book” and reading it. Heres a link to the free guide – in fact, get it first, read through it and decide if inklingo is for you or not! And while you are at it – get the free shape collection also!  This way you can play around with a few shapes and print them out and see if Inklingo is for you!
Here’s a link to a free shape collection:

Here’s a link to the free Smart Shoppers Idea Book:

Here’s a link to a “guided tour” of the program

Now, Inklingo offers 2 different sizes for The Patchwork Of The Crosses.  I personally chose the larger pattern shapes because I plan on making a king size quilt for my bed and I like the bigger shape – not just for speed and getting the quilt done faster but because I have a lot of “special” fabrics I want to use in my quilt.  Lots of bigger motifs, stripes, shapes etc. that I want to fussy cut and focus the quilt blocks around.  The size you want is a personal choice.  The smaller shape is darn cute too!

Inklingo is great for hand piecing, machine piecing, english paper piecing, applique etc.  Read through the info pages on the Inklingo website and in the Smart Shopper Idea book to see how useful this program is.

I – being me – Tara  – designer and owner of Sew Unique Creations – do not personally sell the Inklingo product on my website – you have to go to Inklingo’s website and make your purchases there.  I’m just a very satisfied customer – and when I like something – I want to share and give ideas to others about it!

Now – personally I like to use the packaged freezer paper that comes in the 8 1/2″ x 11″ size over the roll of freezer paper you can buy in the grocery store because it’s thicker and runs through my printer better.

You can buy the packaged freezer paper here from my Amazon store at $10.06 total, including shipping:

The above link is for the 8 1/2″ x 11″ size of freezer paper. If you want an even bigger size sheet – 12″ x 15″ to be exact, I also have that on Amazon for $14.45 total, including shipping.  You can find that here:
If you have anymore questions – just leave me a comment asking whatever you want to know about Inklingo and I will try to help you.  I’ll update this blog post to if there is anymore information to share with others!
Have an awesome Day!


A finish!!!

My Merry Go Round quilt is finished!!
The original quilt pattern for this quilt called Merry Go Round can be found in American Patchwork & Quilting Magazine February 2012 issue. It is designed by Kimberly Walus of the following blog www.bittybitsandpieces.blogspot.com

This week my daughter is away at summer camp.  This is a first for our family – my children have never been away from either my husband or I for very long and so far she seems to be doing really well and enjoying herself.  Here’s what we got in the mail today:

Is that not sweet!

As for me – I’m glad to be done with the Merry Go Round quilt because now my design wall is freed up and I can move on to other fun new designs.

But for the rest of today, an old favorite hand stitching project is calling my name – if you need me, I’ll be out on the back deck stitching away with a nice big glass of peach tea!


Mary Schafer….. and favorite reads of mine

Several years back, I discovered this quilting book by accident during my travels to Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania for International Quilt Market.  I’ll never forget that trip for many reasons – it was a trip there and back of never ending problems and weird experiences! Regardless, I found this book in a very out of the way quilt shop that I search high and low for – drove many miles off the beaten path to get too it – arrived and it was closed (no I did not call first).  As I turned away from the door – a gal from the inside unlocked the door and asked me if I needed something….
My first thought was to be a real smart-aleck and retort with something on the lines of the journey I had come to visit this shop, only to find it closed even thought the nice sign just to the right of this lady claimed they should be open.  Instead, I was pleasant and said, I had came to shop and didn’t realize that you were closed.
Well – long story short – she wasn’t happy and wasn’t very nice, but said I could come in and look around as long as I was “quick” about it.  Holy Moly – I felt like I was in a thrift store.  Much disappointment from that shop – but I came away with one treasure – this book.
Mary Schafer… American Quilt Maker by Gwen Marston. Oh my – I love this book.  It’s great to read all about Mary.  I love seeing all her quilts.  The story of her life is wonderful.
Isn’t this photo of Mary enduring? This is how she quilted – sitting on the floor with no frame.  I’ve read, she pieced that way too because she was most comfortable and had great lightening from that window in her Michigan home.
Here are some other books that feature Mary:
She was in Quilter’s Newsletter Magazine:
Mary is definitely one quilter on my list I would to have loved to have met.  I enjoy reading and re-reading all of the materials I own about her.  I spent the evening last night re-reading and looking at her beautiful quilts in the first book I spoke about.  It was a wonderful evening.
Here are some more links with photos of her exhibits and accomplishments!
Here’s an exhibit with photos of her quilts:
This is one of Mary’s quilts shown on The Quilt Index and the information provided there –
Title: Clamshell
Artist(s): Mary Vida Schafer
Material(s): Cotton, Polyester filling
Technique(s): Hand pieced and hand quilted
Dimensions: 96″ x 81″
Date made: 1966
Place Created: Flushing, Genesee County, Michigan
Collection: Great Lakes Quilt Center/Michigan State University Museum
Photo Credit: KEVA
Interpretative Commentary:
This is Mary Schafer’s most celebrated quilt and was made during Mary’s “Challene Period.” The complexity of piecing the Clamshell pattern, due to the connecting of convex and concave edges, made this historically a quilt with a high level of difficulty. Noted quilt author, Delores Hinson called it “One of Mary’s best!” — Mary Worrall
Additional Commentary:
This quilt won Best Pieced and Viewer’s Choice awards in 1971 at the first National Quilt Association show, Greenbelt, Maryland. It was also exhibited at the Whaley House Museum and the Sloan Museum in Flint, Michigan, and included in the exhibit Mary Schafer Collection: A Legacy of Quilt History from July 29-December 31, 2001 at Michigan State University Museum. It was illustrated in Delores Hinson, A Quilter’s Companion and Gwen Marston and Joe Cunningham, Mary Scafer and Her Quilts (figure 16, page 16). — Beth Donaldson

Information on Mary’s pineapple quilt can be found here:
Mary’s Whig Rose quilt can be found here:
In fact – here’s a link to a bunch of Mary’s quilts on 
A lot of these quilts are in the first book I mentioned above!
Here’s more information on 
Mary was quite the lady!

Just a few spool blocks!

I am really enjoying piecing these spool blocks.  To sit and hand piece in the evening with a nice hot cup of coffee or tea is sheer joy and such a stress reliever!!!  I have half of the first months set of blocks finished for January for our Spoolin’ Around Club!
In this picture you see that all the fabrics are the same in the spool blocks, but as I continued to sew I discovered I prefer the way these turned out!
I like them scrappy style much more!  So here’s what I’ve decided to do for this project.  Each month we can make 40 spool blocks out of the 5″ x 20″ pieces of fabric in the club. I am going to continue to make 10 of them that have all the same fabrics matching as in the first photo above.  The next 10 I am going to make scrappy style from that months selection of fabric. Then the remaining 20 – I am going to carry those pieces forward into other months and mix and match those fabrics also!
After I thought about this, I really think it will give the finished quilt a really different look!
Plus, I wanted to share with you – for those of you that have joined the club and are receiving the 5″ x 20″ fabric packs each month – you will have plenty of fabric left over to make a few more blocks – beyond what you will need for the finished quilt!  I’m thinking about using my scraps to make more of these little spoon blocks to make matching pillows or maybe a table runner and a few small quilts for Christmas gifts!  Now there’s an idea!
Now, I need to get back to work for the day.  I have to finish piecing the February club blocks and also ——- I only have a few more blocks to finish for my Lonestar Log Cabin quilt!  I almost finished them yesterday but ran short on time!  I really need to get these two items completed soon – we have the Jo’s Little Women Club projects that I want to begin working on as soon as the club patterns get here plus the big one —the Paducah Quilt Show and Quilt Market in Salt Lake City is coming up really soon and I need some new goodies to introduce along with our book!
I’ll be sewing the day away today and I hope you can enjoy your day as much as I am mine!

A Little Bit of Handpiecing……

Today I was able to do a little hand piecing!  I actually had a few moments to sit and stitch.  These template stamps for our “Spoolin’ Around Club” arrived today!
Above is a photo that shows the stamps, the ink pads and the cute little pattern that comes with the stamps!
I was able to stamp out 20 blocks while sitting and helping my children with their homework after school.  Cutting them out was a breeze.  With these stamps, you automatically have the cutting line and the sewing line all there in one step for you!  I hand cut some of mine with scissors and then also cut some using a small ruler and rotary cutter – easy!
Here’s the back side of one of the blocks where you can see the stamp/sewing lines.  These stamps are awesome, I’m seriously considering ordering other shapes (if you are interested in other shapes – let me know and I’ll order them!)!  We have a few sets left, and I just placed an order for more of the spool stamps because they were received a little better than I anticipated!
And here are the fabrics we have chosen for this months fabric packs for the Spoolin’ Around Club! This is going to be one gorgeous scrappy style quilt when we are finished!
I had a lot of fun this afternoon also!  We placed a nice order with Andover to replenish our Jo Morton inventory (we have to be prepared for our Jo’s Little Women Club!!!!  Yeah!).  We ordered complete collections (which we pray we get very soon!) of the following:
Ember Reds & Evergreens
Spice Chest
Indigo Berries
Attic Shirtings
Cocoa Express
Plus we ordered several bolts from every other line that is currently showing on the Andover website. Now, whether we get it all or not is anyone’s guess!  Andover is currently doing inventory, so I hope to hear something in the next week or so about what will be shipped to us and just what fabrics have already been retired.  Boo Hoo….
Plus – we have Hurrah to look forward to this month by Jo and in March we have Toasty (I cannot wait to get my quiltie little hands on this fabric!) and Luminarias.  Then in May we have Carolina coming and July we have Sweet Emilie coming!  It’s going to be a very good year!  Thanks Jo!
Also, in other news – I have to apologize for the little “blip” in ordering on our website today!  Our shopping cart was being updated because the United States Postal Service decided to surprise us with new shipping software for the new year – that didn’t work with our website software!  Lovely…. I know.  So, after a few emails and the kind help of a computer guru (trust me, this little blip went beyond my computer knowledge!)  our shopping cart is back in working order.
Gotta run…. I have the hand piecing “bug” this evening and I want to get back to it!  Have a great evening!