Day #7 Spring Blog Hop – It’s My Day

For those of you that are new to my blog – welcome and enjoy!
I’ve created a cute and simple small quilt for you so grab your scraps of fabric and lets get to work! This is called “Mountain Two Step”. This little quilt needs only basic knowledge of sewing to create, so if this will be your first venture into making a quilt – no fear, you can do this! (pdf file for pattern located at the bottom of this blog post – just click on the star block!)
You know – small quilts can be used for more than decor on the wall!  Use them as table decorations, fold them and display them in baskets – or for a larger style basket, roll them up!  Or another idea for this pattern – create several blocks using my instructions and sew them all together to create a larger quilt!
And our recipe for you is something that we came up with.  I’ve tested the recipe and my family loved it!
Click On The Star Block above to be taken to the PDF file of “Mountain Two Step” – our freebie pattern to you during this blog hop!
And don’t forget to keep following along each day on our blog hop!  We have several more designers for you!  Here’s the line-up:
March 1 * Quilts By Cheri

March 2 * Plumcute Designs

March 3 * Gail Pan Designs

March 9 * Heartspun Quilts

March 10 * Notforgotten Farm

March 11 * Crabapple Hill

March 13 * Buttermilk Basin

March 14 * Calico Moon

Another Sneak Peak At The Upcoming Blog Hop!

What better thing to do on a cold snowy day but to create a new dessert recipe and finish hand quilting our surprise new free quilt pattern for the upcoming Blog Hop with Stacy Gross West of Buttermilk Basin! The Blog Hop starts March 1st and I’ll be sharing this pattern called “Mountain Two-Step” and our new recipe – Peach Crumble Cheesecake Bars with you on my day of the Blog Hop on March 7!! Stay tuned for our excellent line up of bloggers – you’re gonna love it! I’ll post the links to everyone’s blogs when the fun begins! on March 1, 2015!

Get ready ladies ( and gents) here is our outstanding line up of designers that are in the blog hop.  Thank You Stacy West of Buttermilk Basin for coordinating this fun event!  

March 1 * Quilts By Cheri

March 2 * Plumcute Designs

March 3 * Gail Pan Designs

March 4 * Woolen Willow Designs

March 5 * Ali Strebel Designs

March 6 * The Cottage at Cardiff Farms

March 7 * Sew Unique Creations

March 8 * Wooden Spool Designs

March 9 * Heartspun Quilts

March 10 * Notforgotten Farm

March 11 * Crabapple Hill

March 12 * Threadwork Primitives

March 13 * Buttermilk Basin

March 14 * Calico Moon


Idle Moments and Peaceful Quiet Time

After a full days work yesterday, I needed a few minutes of quiet “me time” late in the evening.  I sat down to do a little hand piecing and my mind started to wander a bit.  My mind drifted back to memories of my Grandma hand piecing and quilting.  I thought about my Great Aunt who still hand pieces and hand quilts.  I thought about both of my Aunts who are both avid quilters – both hand and machine.
As I sat stitching and thinking in this quiet and peaceful time, I happened to think about some older patterns that I had produced awhile ago, specifically for those people that enjoy hand piecing or smaller type projects that can be completed in a day by machine.  I thought I would share one of those out of print pattern with you today and send you many wishes for a little quiet, peaceful time in your day.  Pick up a needle and thread and practice your hand piecing or learn a new technique and try your talents at hand piecing.
Here is:
Blazing Star
The following files are in PDF format, click on the link to download each.
Also, I’ve converted a set of instructions that I included with each of these patterns.  It’s a very simple set of General Instructions for Hand Piecing, Applique & Quilting. The following file is also in PDF format, click on the link to download it.
And for those of you new to my blog, we do have a special page on our website that is dedicate to free pattens that we offer.  Almost all the free patterns there were past patterns that have now been discontinued.  I welcome you to use those patterns, enjoy them and share them with friends and family.  Here is the link to our Free Pattern Page

Freebie Pattern Friday!

As promised – here’s your freebie pattern for today!
Just click on the link above to download the PDF file or you can visit our website and download it there!  Here’s the link:
I hope you didn’t think we forgot about posting the free pattern today!  It’s just been a little crazy around here!  You’ll see why in my next blog post in a few minutes!

Snow Pennyrug Update

I’ve been getting a lot of emails about which colors of wool’s to purchase for the free Snow Pennyrug pattern we had on our Home For The Holidays blog post.  Here’s the picture of the pennyrug again for you:
Here is a list of the wools by color name that you can order from Primitive Gatherings Quilt Shop
(don’t forget to order a plaid wool in this color also!)
(don’t forget to order a plaid wool in this color also!)
(for the snowman and lettering)
St. Nick
(for the hat band)
(for the nose)
Dark Chocolate
(this is for the hat – a black wool would also work!
These colors are extremely similar to the ones I used in my pennyrug shown above!  They also carry all the Valdani Threads!  Enjoy!

Grand Daughter’s Flower Garden Quilt Block Templates

I posted earlier today asking for a little help on the above quilt block that so far – all we know is called Grand Daughters Flower Garden.  Below is a link to a PDF file that I have created that includes templates that we have drafted out this evening for the quilt block.
Also below is some “wording” that I added to the above PDF file and I am providing below to answer any questions that may come up!  Enjoy!
Please note – I have very little information on this quilt block.  I did not design it.  My Aunt has traced this quilt block from an older quilting magazine, and we think it may have been “Quilt” magazine from several years ago.  Her notes from when she traced the pattern states it is a 7″ block.
 I have drafted the pattern out for you.  I have not actually pieced this block yet and I honestly do not know what size it will finished at as my pattern pieces vary slightly from my aunt’s drawing.  While I was drafting the pieces I was trying to keep everything within the same “size” range. With this in mind – all of the pieces for the quilt block can be cut from 1 3/4″ wide strips of fabric.  
Also I need to remind you – I have only drawn the block out and traced the templates for you at this point.  I strongly recommend that if  you are planning to make a quilt using the templates I have provided, that you make a test block first to check for accuracy!!!!  Also check to make sure your printer is set to print at the “actual size” – like I mentioned above – the templates were create to be cut from 1 3/4″ wide strips – if your templates are smaller or larger than that – you need to either re-adjust your printer settings or enlarge or reduce your pattern pieces on a copier.
Also – please note – I am not educated enough in quilting history to claim what I am about to say is 100% accurate according to the block that was originally printed in a magazine – but I honestly believe this quilt block includes the yellow center, the next round of green fabric shown in the photo above, and then finally the third round shown in red above.  I believe the fabrics that I am showing above in shirting prints or off white prints would be the sashing around each of the blocks and not part of the actual quilt block itself.  I know for myself – the outer row shown on the drawing below (shown in the upper right hand corner of the photo below) or in the off white fabrics shown in the photo on the previous page were throwing me off a little when I was trying to research the block itself!
Also, please remember that I have drawn these templates out as a courtesy to you.  I am in no way trying to profit from sharing what information I have about this quilt block or any templates I am sharing with you and I ask out of respect that you do the same – share with others and do not attempt to copy this information to profit from it!  Thank you!
PS – let’s all try to learn from this.  There are several people that I am aware of that are interested in learning more about this quilt block and its history.  If you know of anything or can locate which quilt magazine it appeared in, please let us know so that we can share it with others!  You can email me at sewunique7@aol.com

Home For The Holidays Blog Hop Day #10

Welcome to our special little day on the
Home For The Holidays Blog Hop 2010!!!!
Here I am – the 10th Blogger on this fun little hop that we’ve been running through for the past month!  All those yummy cookie recipes and fabulous patterns that have been posted so far!  Wow – I’m in good company! Thanks Ms. Stacy of Buttermilk Basin for organizing this little hop – you rock girl!

Here in our neck of the woods, Christmas time is such a fun time for us.  We have fun traditions here and there and one that is our favorite is the “annual” putting up the Christmas Tree the day after Thanksgiving!  Now, I’ll admit, this year we slacked off a wee bit because we were out of town for the Thanksgiving holiday, but we jumped right on the whole Christmas decorating thing when we got back home – well I did – my children are at a “certain teen age” where it’s just not a cool thing so much anymore!  But as soon as I started decorating – the kids started getting in the spirit a little here and there!

Now if I can just keep pestering my husband just a little more – I bet the lights will be up on our house this weekend!  (Our house looks “naked” without the Christmas lights compared to the neighbors!  LOL)

I love snowmen – so I toss a few of those here and there around the house for added holiday cheer!

But the one new addition to my snowman decorating theme this year is this:

And this little Snow Pennyrug shown above my friends is my gift to you.  This is our free pattern for the blog hop and we hope you enjoy it! Here’s your link to the PDF file for you to print and enjoy:

Snow Pennyrug Pattern

I’ll get to decorating the big Christmas tree this weekend, but here’s a picture of last years tree after Santa had arrived late at night on Christmas Eve!

but for now I need to go bake another batch of these:

Surprise Package Cookies – here at our house, my husband and my kids really enjoy these cookies and they are begging for more.

Another fun holiday tradition (among many!) that we have is to venture off to Indiana on Christmas Eve to spend the afternoon and evening with my parents.  There we have a nice dinner, open presents and chit chat. It seems like every year when we leave there and start heading for home – it snows.  I wonder if this year will be any different! Here’s a little picture of my kids last year opening their presents from Grammy and Pappa!

Are they not cute!

Christmas Day itself is always a treat having children at home!  They are growing up so quickly on us, but they know – you have to believe in Santa for Santa to come and leave you presents!  After our morning of fun opening Christmas gifts, I get hard to work in the kitchen, cooking up a huge meal for my family and my husbands family and anyone else that shows up.  We usually end up with a dozen or more, all gathered around the dinner table feasting on all the goodies!

Christmas is a time of family fun here in our home, see even our dog Harley gets in the Christmas spirit!

 And of course we cannot finish this blog post without announcing our annual special holiday gift for you.

Oh and wait – I have another special “something” for you!  For the next two Fridays prior to Christmas Eve (which would be December 10th and 17th) we will be posting another free pattern on each of those days!  How fun is that?  Each free pattern will be holiday oriented to help you finish decorating for the season!  So be sure and follow along on our blog to see the other free patterns that are coming soon!

Remember how I’ve been hinting around for days now in my newsletters, here on the blog and on FaceBook about a special surprise on our website?  (if you have not signed up for our newsletter yet – what are you waiting for!  You can sign up at the very end of this blog post!)

Here it is…..

The Big Announcement…..

It’s our:

Our entire website is now on sale starting today, December 3, 2010 at 12:01 AM and ending on New Year’s Day 2011 at midnight.  For those of you that are “new” to our blog, in the past we have always had an annual sale on our website starting after Thanksgiving.  This year it took us a wee bit longer to clean the website up, but it’s all ready to go now for your shopping pleasure!  Here’s some details!
(Our sale applies to all in stock items only!)

So, we hope we have made your day a good one, we hope you enjoy the free pattern, cookie recipe and invite you to our sale on our website!  Now, stop reading and go check it out!

Oh and don’t forget to keep following along – we have 2 more people on this Blog Hop! Here’s the line up with links to all the Blogs in case you’ve missed any of us! 

Home for the Holidays 
Quilt Designer Blog Hop Line Up!

Nov 2nd * Brenda Gervais from 
Nov 5th * Debbie Field from 
Nov 12th * Kathy Schmitz from 
Nov 16th * Renee Plains from 
Nov 19th * Tracy from 
Nov 23rd * Lisa Bongean from 
Nov 26th * Lynda Hall from 
Nov 30th * Jan Patek from 
Dec 3rd * Tara Darr from 
Dec 7th * Debbie Busby from 
Dec 10th * Stacy West from 



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