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Tara Lynn Baisden is the bestselling author of 4 quilting books:

Simply Charming: Small Scrap Quilts of Yesteryear

Small Treasures From Scraps: More Simply Charming Quilts

Cozy Quilts: A Charming Blend of Wool Applique and Cotton Patchwork

Wool Rug Hooking

Thousands of her books were published by the former Kansas City Star brand in the USA and distributed worldwide. These books are now available in PDF format

Tara also had 14 designs published in two quilting industry magazines throughout her career. American Patchwork & Quilting and also Primitive Quilts & Projects magazine.

In her former life, she could be found hitting the quilting industry scene, marketing her original designs on her website (now closed), Etsy, through several distributors worldwide and her favorite – International Quilt Market and several other smaller quilting venues.

After a few life-changing events, her focus and interests switched to writing, a childhood passion that has now grown into her focus.

Baisden is captivated by her surroundings. The beautiful and scenic mountains and wildlife that surround her mountaintop home in West Virginia enchant her daily. She draws inspiration not only from the small close-knit and family-friendly town she now calls home but also from the many tucked away and sometimes little-known spots within and around her home state.

Tara is an animal lover. She has four fur babies; Dahlia and Daisy, both loveable dogs who think they run the house, and Hazel and Hank, brother and sister cats with who she fell in love with instantly.

She has many other species of animals around her daily, from the common rabbits, squirrels, birds, and deer that frequent the forest that wraps around her mountain home, to the raccoon that comes to visit her often, waiting at her back door for handouts — she affectionately named him “Mooch.” She’s seen enough snakes to last her a lifetime. Was fascinated by a mountain lion that walked in front of her truck while heading home one day. The wolves that howl during the night hour are fun to listen to, while tucked safely behind her closed doors. The owls and whipper wills that sing their song while she’s outside are enchanting. She’s still waiting to see the bear that frequents along the ridge where she lives, yet “she keeps eluding me!”

Hiking through the mountains, wading in the creeks, camping in the woods, strolling along sidewalks in little towns that remind her of Mayberry, and visiting long-forgotten towns that appear to be modern-day Waltons Mountain settings are just a few of her favorite things to do.

She is often asked, “How can you live way up in the hills like you do?” Her answer – “it’s Heaven on earth and I wouldn’t have it any other way.” Tara lives in a log cabin, on the very top of an extremely tall mountain. She is a 25-minute drive from the closest blacktop road. The drive to her home is all uphill, curving and winding through mountains.

Her first novel is set in the small historic town of Lewisburg, West Virginia. Lewisburg holds the title of “Coolest Small Town” which is a very deserving honor. Baisden’s novel is tentatively titled “Bluebird Falls” and will be the first in the series, which falls into the light romantic / women’s fiction genre.

tara’s hobbies…..

and Writing…of course!!!

4-wheeler riding!

Quilting…..for pleasures nowadays!


baisden’s past adventures…..

Mommy – First and Most Importantly
(1997- Present)

Tara has two grown children. One enjoys his life and job, traveling around and doing what he does best – fixing big equipment. The Second is also enjoying her life, she is a senior at Fairmont State University in Fairmont, WV, majoring in education.

Quilt Designer
Baisden designed over 1,200 projects she either published and marketed herself or the designs were published in magazines and also her books. She designed everything from bed-size quilts to small quilts for decoration. Wool rugs, purses, dolls, stitcheries, and wool penny rugs were also among her designs.

A little-known fact of Baisdens – she used to be a hair “designer.” She in fact graduated from cosmetology school a full month before graduating high school! Her favorite thing to do as a hairdresser is, “hands down, I loved to color and style hair!”

The Working Teenage Years
During those glorious teenage years, Baisden was not afraid of work. She worked in several different places simultaneously, from picking produce on the small farms in her childhood town, DeMotte, Indiana, she moved into working alongside her mother at a nursing home. She also waitressed at the local small-town cafe.