Day #26 Snowflake Applique Pillow Tutorial

I hope you had a very Merry Christmas. I love the anticipation of the holiday, the hustle and bustle and all the preparations. I hate to see it go, but life must move on.
And so today I share with you this cute applique pillow design I found. I figured snowflakes are perfect decor for the home after the Christmas Trees start coming down.  

While I love these pillows just as the designer shows them, I envision them made up in fabrics of blues and whites and silvers. Kind of like the fabrics I show above. Soft, subtle blues, silver snowflakes on white, maybe a few tone on tone fabrics. You get the idea.
Maybe a little more sparkly fabric tossed in here and there if that’s more your style. And maybe even some type of fringe as an accent?? Hmmmm…..

Then probably for my own personal tastes in my bedroom – I could envision making this design using some tiny homespun plaids in blues for the background fabric and a good, pretty off white and tan plaid homespun for the snowflake design.
I’m a homespun, country, primitive, traditional kind of girl at heart. My home is almost always decorated to reflect that. During Christmas and the winter season afterward though, well, I do have older children and their tastes are different than mine. So we mix and match a lot around here because when they come home, I want them to enjoy it here and see some of their favorite things from their childhood! It’s a hodgepodge of tastes and holiday decor but it works for us and everyone enjoys it!

So, today makes day #26 of this Blogging Challenge that I’ve accepted and so far so good. I’ve also done pretty well so far with finding Christmas and Holiday items to share with you on my blog. But the challenge is about to get real folks. Christmas is over, so now I must push harder to find more great projects to share with you. So today that is on my list of items to accomplish as well as typing a few thousand words into my book, and spending time with family. Oh and probably some quilting thrown in there to round out my day!
Have an awesome day!

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