Day #17 Christmas Emoji Ornaments – A few Kids Tutorial

These just added a smile to my face when I found them on the internet.  While it’s a tutorial geared for kids, I envision you sitting with your kids and crafting the day away. Of, if you are lucky enough to be blessed to have someone calling you Grandma or Grandpa – why not have a crafting day with the grandbabies when they come to visit!
These little emoji faces still seem to be all the rage. I know that I am very guilty of using them on Facebook and Instagram because they make me happy. I like them and some of them are quite hilarious. And seriously, can’t we all use a good tummy giggle every now and then?

This little reindeer winking at me and sticking that tongue out.  I may just have to act like a kid myself and sit down and have fun this afternoon playing with emojis.
These cute little ornaments hanging on the Christmas Tree in your local school would sure add a smile to Elementary age children.  And what about a Community Center? Do you have a Community Center in your neighborhood?  I know some of them hold wonderful events for children and families and the little ornaments would be little bits of humor spread on the community Christmas Tree!
Share your love of creativity this season.  And then go one step further and share your creative finished pieces in unexpected ways with others to add a little holiday magic.  Spread the love!

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