Day #16 Holiday Mug Rug Tutorial

I found another cute tutorial to share with you!  These not only would be cute in your own home but such a sweet gift idea also!  Just think for a second, make a mug rug, find a cute coffee mug, toss in a couple pouches of hot cocoa mix, or a small box of flavored tea or even a coffee house gift card! Instant Christmas gift to spread a little Christmas cheer to a friend, loved one, teacher, pastor, postal worker, hairdresser, your favorite cashier at the local grocery store, etc!
Look how cute!  And only uses small amounts of fabric!

I hope you enjoyed this little tutorial I found to share with you.  We are just about 1/2 way through my self-induced 31-day blogging challenge. I hope you are enjoying our blog and finding wonderful new things to make and spark your own creativity!

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