Day #8 Christmas and Holiday Challenge and Blog Writing Challenge Too! – Tablerunner Freebie Pattern!

This is perfect for a project to be completed in a weekend. Literally – you could sit down and have one of these completed for your own home decor and probably make another to give as a gift this Christmas season.
The ideas and color patterns are unlimited with this easy to follow pattern that is provided by those wonderful gals over on the Moda Bake Shop Blog. A Jelly roll, 1/2 yard of backing fabric, little bit of batting and a small amount of fabric for the binding and you are on your way.
This is another one of those great things you can make and could be given as a gift this holiday season and it won’t break the bank.  Teachers would love this. Your co-worker would be thrilled.  And remember me bringing up a community member that might need his or her spirits perked up a bit – this may do the trick.
It’s ok to play Secret Santa and brighten someone else’s day every now and then. I am a firm believer that no good deed goes unseen and does come full circle eventually.
I saw a quote months ago on Facebook that has stuck with me and been in my mind ever since I first saw it.  I fell in love with it instantly and I remind myself of it constantly when I go about playing Secret Santa or if maybe I might do something out of the ordinary for another person.  I love this little ditty…
It’s ok to do something for another person for no reason at all and expect nothing from them in return and the world doesn’t need to know about it.  Not one thing.

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