Day #6 Christmas and Holiday Challenge and Blog Writing also! Christmas Ornament Pattern

Day #6 of my Challenge!!!
Are these ornaments not the cutest! (Just click on the link above!)
I can literally dive into my own personal stash basket of scraps and be able to make a bunch of these ornaments up in no time at all!  The gals over at the Moda Bake Shop posted this pattern a while back and I’m glad I found this little treasure!
Just think – you could make these for ornaments for your own tree. Or give them as gifts to a couple that is newly married and might want a few keepsake type ornaments for their new Christmas Tree. Or – the other idea I had for these – Christmas Gift Tag hangers – You could easily make these ornaments as a gift also and use them as a Christmas Gift Tag by using a Pigma pen to write on the back of the ornament. For Example:
From: Grammie with Love
See – wouldn’t that be cute!
Or – If you know of someone in your community that might need a little bit of a “pick me up” in their spirits this holiday season. Well, here ya go. Make up a few of these cute little ornaments.  Drop them down in a gift bag with a sweet little note of encouragement stuck in a Christmas Card and play Secret Santa and leave it hanging on their front door or in a special place they will be surprised to find a treasure awaiting them!  A co-worker – leave them a surprise on their desk.  Need a teacher’s gift….. here ya go!  I could go on and on when I get on a roll….just ask my kids.
I’m off to spend my day sewing. I have a million pieces awaiting me at the sewing machine and my fingers are itching to be off this blasted computer and sitting at my sewing machine, with my puppies laying on their blanket next to me as I sew, the woodstove with a good fire burning in it, a pot of coffee and some soft country music playing in the background! I’ve typed my self-imposed goal of 3,000 words for today in the book I am writing and now the rest of the day is mine to enjoy!
Have an awesome day!

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