Day #2 Peppermint Swirl Christmas Tree Skirt Free Pattern and Blog Writing Challenge continues….

Oh My Gosh – I found this freebie pattern over on the Moda Bake Shop blog and I knew I had to share this one today on my 31 Day self-imposed blog challenge for Christmas and Holiday Fun!
Ladies (and gents if you follow) I love this. If you start now I’m sure you could have one made in time for your Christmas tree this season. Plus – I like the idea in the photo also – it could be used on your table also – imagine that – beautiful!!
Those Moda Bake Shop gals never cease to amaze me and if you don’t follow their blog – go over and follow this link also because they started the annual Countdown To Christmas yesterday and the block pattern called Country Winter looks super cute! (block is shown below and the link to the first day of the Countdown To Christmas for 2018 is just below the photo!!!)
I am off to enjoy some hand piecing this afternoon and enjoy some movies on the Hallmark channel.  Yes – I am one of those girls and love me some Christmas Hallmark movies.  I don’t indulge in much TV time, but I do make time when the new movies appear for the season!
I’ve got some special hand piecing projects I’ve started working on as I’ve been recovering from my surgery last week. I’ll try and take some good photos soon to share with you! Promise!

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