2015 Spring Blog Hop – Coming Soon!

Just a little “sneak peek” of my project for the 2015 Spring Blog Hop with Buttermilk Basin!! So excited!

Are you ready for a blog hop? So much fun and excitement! Wait till you see our designs and recipes we have in store for you! You won’t want to miss it!

March 1st marks the start of another fantastic blog hop! I’ve seen a few sneak peeks of the projects and the recipes! Darling and such unique & fun recipes! Feel free to GRAB our button to share on your blog at www.buttermilkbasin.blogspot.com

And today – here’s a little fun fact I found on FaceBook this morning!

Depression 1931 when they realized women were using their
sacks to make clothes for their children, the mills in West Virginia, Kentucky & Ohio started using flowered fabric for their sacks. The label was designed to wash out. If not for this many people wouldn’t have had clothes or quilts
Courtesy of Life Magazine

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