Poem About Quilts

I found this cute little poem this morning on FaceBook and thought I would share.
In this photo is my Grandma Baisden, marking a quilt!
In that far back-bedroom
without no heat in,
Granny pulled those quilts
way up to our chin.
Two little brothers,
each by my side,
were tucked in snug
like they were tied.
We could hardly breathe—
there was more than one,
each so heavy,
seemed like a ton.
There was no tossin’
or movin’ ‘round—
those quilts held us tight
like we were bound.
From the time she tucked us
‘til mornin’ light,
we were warm as puppies
on a three-dog night.
I could see the moon
thru’ window shinin’
as I crept off to sleep
with no tears or whinin’.
For ya see I favored
Granny’s warm ol’ quilts,
an’ I’d dream of playin’
on skates or stilts,
‘Cause life was peaceful
an’ without a care—
safe an’ secure
as we lay there.
Back in that bedroom,
way down the hall,
where under those quilts
we moved—not at all.
‘Til Granny released us
when she opened the door,
an’ our feet felt the cold
when they hit the floor.
I’ll remember Gran’s quilts
‘til my dyin’ day,
an’ wish I was still sleepin’
in that cozy way.
Author~ Don Garris
Raleigh County

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