Day #1 of the 5 Day Facebook Art Challenge

Long time no chat!  I decided the perfect thing to “ease” my way back into blogging after my longggggg vacation from blogging would be to include you all in the excitement and fun we are having over on Facebook!
Thank you to Sharon Keightley​ for nominating me for this 5 day challenge where I will post 3 of my quilt designs for the next 5 days!! Today we have  Two Piece Puzzle (the red, cream and black quilt) – a quilt that I designed that first appeared in American Patchwork and Quilting magazine – the April 2010 issue. 
Next up 
“Full Bloom” a wool applique on cotton quilt that is in my book “Cozy Quilts” . 
And last for today “Faded Stars”  This was the beginning of my craze with small quilts years ago – I was and still am proud of this little quilt with all its seams and fabrics – what a treasure to look back on it and remember memories that link to a lot of those fabrics! 
Today I would like to nominate Kathy Brown​ of The Teacher’s Pet​. Kathy is my long time friend and I love her dearly, she’s one of those treasured people that is always there to lend an ear for frustration, complaining and whining or a giggle or two in the comical things we sometimes approach in life. Looking forward to seeing Kathy’s beautiful Creations.
Stay warm everyone!  Enjoy your day and quilt up a storm!

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