Just That Kind Of Day…

Well, it’s just going to be one of those days.  Strong storms and a lot of rain are predicted for my area today.  Bummer, I would really like to stitch outside on the deck today!  I go to the Chiropractor this morning for a little adjustment and then this afternoon (when the weather man predicts strong winds and rain) I have to drive 45 minutes away for my physical therapy.  So my day is kind of going to be broken up here and there where I can actually sit and work.
So, this morning I pulled out some Dear Jane Blocks and got to work!
I just love seeing finished blocks up on my design board!  The goal is to finish this top border for my Dear Jane quilt within a couple weeks.  Then I’ll pick another row of the quilt and work on getting it finished!  Nice plan, we’ll see if I can stick with it!

Last night I was able to do this…..
I cut and placed more pieces on one of the borders for my Stars & Sprigs block.  I guess I’m prepared if this storm knocks out our power for a little while!
And somewhere in between all this “fun” stuff today, I will be working on some new pattern designs and finishing off another project for another one of our books that will be out next spring!
Hope everyone has a wonderful day!

2 thoughts on “Just That Kind Of Day…”

  1. Your DJ blocks are gorgeous….love the fabrics you used! And that Stars and Sprigs panel is beautiful! Such fantastic project in the works…..what a joy to grab anything to work on, right!?!


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