Playing With Fabrics & A New Notion!!!

Well, I’m just tickled pink to tell you that I was able to get a fancy new rotary cutter!
If you remember – a couple weeks ago I told you about this awesome new rotary cutter I tested out and watched a demo for at Quilt Market.  Above you see the new Olfa “Splash” rotary cutter.  Not only is it a beautiful shade of aqua, it cuts like a dream and still has the same great quality that I love about Olfa Cutters.
(Also pictured above is my awesome new BOM I received from Primitive Gatherings Quilt Shop – I just love their BOM’s – always great fabrics and always enough fabric to get the job done!)  

Isn’t it pretty!

Here you will see the major improvement to this new rotary cutter.  The shape of the handle.  Instead of the standard flat handle, there is now a gentle curve and it fits and feels so good in your hand.  
The new cutter also has the same great “quick change” blade system that I love!  And this cutter is for right handed or left handed folks!
Yeah Olfa!  You did awesome with this new notion!
Be sure and ask at your local quilt shop or favorite online quilt shop for the new Olfa “Splash” rotary cutter – you will not be disappointed!
And I have not talked much about Miss Bella lately.  Here she is in all her funny glory.  She was sunning herself in my kitchen window and watching the birds and our newest pet – Miss Dalilah came up next to her! I snapped this picture at just the right time – they appear to be kissing!  How cute is that!
Have a great weekend everyone!

3 thoughts on “Playing With Fabrics & A New Notion!!!”

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