Awesome Mail Day!

I have some of the best friends and family and I’m so thankful for them. Here I sit stitching away, doing a little appliqué work and trying to talk myself out of being in such a blah, bummed out mood – because of the rain and dreary weather – doesn’t Mother Nature know the flower beds and gardens need my attention! So here I was having my little pity party and the mail lady comes.

Here is one of the most precious gifts I received today from my cousin Grethel and my Great Aunt Columbia Jane. I was so excited to see this! It’s kind of hard to read what the jar says in the picture. It says – When Life Gives You Scraps….Make Quilts! Now how true is that! I was just thinking of my great aunt today as I was sewing away all snuggled up under the quilt she gave me – I blogged about this quilt before and there it is in the background of the jar!

Next up in the mail was my new thread caddy by Harry Barnett. Isn’t it adorable! If you would like one or would like to invest in a great lap hoop or other sewing and quilting gadget holders be sure to visit his website!

Harry Barnett’s Laptop Hoops

I received this great article in the mail from a dear sweet friend today. She’s such a busy person and I really enjoyed this article, so thank you for thinking of me! –

Pam of Heartspun Quilts!

I really appreciate you sending this to me!

Thanks Mom for the envelope of coupons also! I love using coupons and saving money!

And the only other things in the mail were just junk! No Bills – yeah!!!

I’m done with my pity party now – thanks to my friends and family for making my day bright and sunny with your kindness!


2 thoughts on “Awesome Mail Day!”

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