Primitive Quilts and Projects Magazine

I received the latest issue – the Summer 2013 edition of Primitive Quilts and Projects Magazine!  It’s awesome!~  I really need to get some designs together to submit to this magazine!  I just love it!
Quite a few of my friends have designs in this issue also.  Each of them are so special and talented!  You must check this magazine out.  If you do not subscribe – do it!  You will not be wasting your money!
Here’s a link to Primitive Quilts and Projects Magazine:
And here are a few photos from the projects in this issue!  Enjoy!

4 thoughts on “Primitive Quilts and Projects Magazine”

  1. I just picked up this one over the weekend. I loved the cover quilt since the moment I saw it but the quilt that wow'd me was Butternut (the one that looks like the double wedding ring). Insane beautiful.


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