Sharing Fabric

Today’s post is about my Aunt Julie’s beautiful scrappy quilts. My Aunt makes quilts for herself and also to sell.  I really want to thank all of my friends that have been cleaning out their own stashes of fabric and giving what they don’t want to me to give to my Aunt.  I’m not going to point fingers and point out who they are – but I just want to thank them again because it really means a lot to me. Fabric is really hard to come by where my aunt lives and my friends have been so generous in their giving.  I’ve shipped her boxes and boxes of fabric and have another one building it’s way up to being full.  This is what my Aunt does for a living – makes and sells quilts.  At least she has a fun job!
Enjoy these pictures of some of her quilts and always remember – don’t throw any fabric away – there is always someone or some organization out there that will use it!
Enjoy the picture show!

2 thoughts on “Sharing Fabric”

  1. Beautiful! I especially like the boot blocks….reminds me of a pinkeep and scissor keeper my grandma used to make so many years ago….hmm….I think I came across her template for that the other day……might have to do something with that. Thanks for sharing!


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