Addicted To Quilting….

I was going through some old files on my computer trying to get my things stored on the right hard drive – one drive for business and one drive for personal and family stuff instead of having it all crammed into one hard drive! and found this – though you might like it!
Addicted to Quilting
She Learned to Quilt on MONDAY.
Her stitches all were fine
She forgot to make us dinner
So we all went out to dine…
She quilted miniatures on TUESDAY
she says they are a must
They really were quite lovely
But She forgot to dust…
On WEDNESDAY it was a sampler.
She says stippling’s fun
What Highlights! What Shadows!
But The LAUNDRY was’nt done…
Nine Patches were on THURSDAY
Green, Yellow, Blue and Red.
I guess she really was engrossed
She never made the Bed!
It was wall hangings on FRIDAY.
In colors she adores
It never bothered her at all
That crumbs were on the floor…

I found a maid on SATURDAY
My week is now complete
My wife can quilt the hours away
The house will still be neat.
Well, now its only SUNDAY
I think I’m about to wilt
I cursed, I raved, I ranted
Cause the Maid has learned to QUILT !!!
~ Author Unknown

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