I jumped in feet first – my pieced hexie journey begins….

I’ve completely lost my mind and started yet another project!  But you know what?  I’m ok with that.  We creative souls seem to understand that it’s perfectly normal to have several projects going at once! Right??
Anyhow, this morning I decided to head over to Craftsy and see what in the world that was all about.  Wooooo – there’s a whole new world out there!  Classes on line.  Classes on line at a good price, that I don’t have to get out of my jammies, put my face on, fix my hair and get in the car to get too.  Darn it – I now have another addiction…. Craftsy.
I was interested inparticular about these “Pieced Hexies” I’ve been hearing about at the quilt shop and through other bloggers, Pinterest and FaceBook!  Pieced Hexies – yep – that’s my newest project.
I took a class to learn all about this method of pieced hexagons and I really enjoyed myself.  Jammies on, coffee in hand, hair pulled back in a ponytail – no makeup on and I could relax in my favorite chair and enjoy learning with Queen Bee Bella my kitty sitting next to me.
Mickey Depre is the brain behind Pieced Hexies  you can visit her and enjoy her class on Craftsy by following this link or clicking on the photo above:
This is a brand new class, but I’ve been hearing the “buzz” and chatter all around me about this class and her book!
Pieced Hexies by Mickey Depre – by my favorite publisher Kansas City Star!
Here’s Mickey herself – love the shades!
In the Craftsy class, Mickey explains everything in such an easy to understand way – just like she’s sitting right here with me!  And I could even ask her a question if I wanted to – on Craftsy they offer the option of asking questions, and you can take notes all right there!  It’s really neat! 
All the way from cutting the fabrics the right sizes to fit the english paper pieces, to her great way of basting, and then how she secures the corners on her hexies.  Awesome – just awesome! I really enjoyed this class.

Isn’t this above design cool!  I see visions in my head already of making something using my favorite reproduction fabrics like the one above.  Maybe a small wallhanging with this type of design in the center – like a medallion style little quilt???

These are 2 samples that someone else who took the class made!  Aren’t they neat!  Oh – and that photo before this one – that is also a sample from a student!
I’m super excited.  I pulled out a scrap basket and I’m just going to tinker around with this today and see what mischief I can get into.  I’m so pleased I jumped in and took this class.  Super fun and super easy!  I love it!
Here’s a few more pictures for you of pieced hexies below that I found on the internet.  I’ll catch up with you later – it’s a nice sunny day out, I’m going to grab my jacket – go sit on the deck and start prepping some pieced hexies!  WooHoo!
And just an FYI – this is not any type of paid promotion or anything like that.  I don’t get into that.  If you’ve followed my blog long enough or follow me on FaceBook – you know I like to share with you anything fun and cool I find.  If it has to do with quilting and enjoying a new to me technique – I’m there and I’ll tell ya what I think about it!

5 thoughts on “I jumped in feet first – my pieced hexie journey begins….”

  1. I LOVE Craftsy! I can't even tell you how many classes I've signed up for. From crochet to knitting to bread making to quilting to making clothes! Oh the list goes on and on!But I haven't signed up for that one! haha


  2. I've been reading about that Craftsy….I'll have to check it out! Never too old or experienced that we can't learn anything new! Always reading and watching for new ideas or techniques. Thanks for sharing!


  3. Tara ~ I'm am in on this too! Got the Craftsy class the first day and the book and the templates! I made a complete set of the hexes ~ now trying to decide how to set them ~ I may just applique them on a background ~ such fun!


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