Who is this artist???

Does anyone out there in BlogLand know who the artist is on any of these pictures?  I would love to find out, I’d like to buy a print of each and frame them!  Don’t you think they are gorgeous!

10 thoughts on “Who is this artist???”

  1. English painter Walter Langley. The painting of the old woman sewing is titled The Old Quilt. Langley was the father of painting outdoors. He died in the 1920's.


  2. Oil painting of young girl is a quite rare oil painting by Enoch Wood Perry, Jr. He was an American painter d. 1915. It is titled Girl Quilting. The top left watermark SKINNER is from an auction house in Boston that has the original painting for sale. Not sure where to get a copy of that painting. Try Red Bubble.com while there, or Art.com.So you actually have 3 artists here: 2 painters and 1 photographer. Beautiful art- thanks for sharing with us 🙂


  3. I did a search for artists that paint quilts, got a lot of today quilters that paint on their quilts but also fount several paintings. I used the image search, you may find them that way.


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