Simple, Easy & Quick!

I found a magazine the other day while shopping that I enjoyed!  I don’t usually go for the simple and quick type quilts – I like detailed – quilts that take awhile to make and take a lot of thought.  But – with that said, I also have gifts I need to make this year and I think this magazine has given me a good visual as to what I can make in a small amount of time.
Sometimes my brain is on “detail only” mode and I do not stop to think about the quick and simple – is that my designer brain running full strength??  Do you ever get like that?  I’m pretty sure I’m the opposite of most quilters today because so many people are always in a rush, or just do not have the time and hours to sit and make really involved projects.
Anyhow, this magazine is worth the cost of $9.99.  There are many, many quick quilts and a few projects that use only pre-cut strips and squares. (Think Moda charm packs and jelly rolls!  Even Layer Cakes!)
Here are the quilts I’ve earmarked that I would like to try and accomplish using only my scrap stash.  I have so many 2 1/2″ strips already cut and waiting.  Tons of charm squares.  Then there are the 3 baskets of scraps that have wonderful, usable sizes of fabric!

This quilt is titled Sunny Skies.

Love these quick stars. This one is called Dashing Stars.

I’m not really into making bags – but they make excellent quick gifts and they are  something that can be made and donated to your quilt guilds show – if they sell finished items that is!  The neat thing about this pattern is you can make three bags from one charm pack!  Now that’s cool!  The pattern is called 3 Times The Charm – how clever!

This quilt really got me thinking because I have so many 2 1/2″ strips.  This would be a fast one with lots of eye candy.  It’s called Piece Out.

Same here – have plenty of 5″ squares around here to whip this quilt out in no time at all.  It’s called X’s and O’s.

Now this one  – I really like the pattern – gives plenty of room to play with an assortment of fabrics and uses some solid fabric – of which I have tons of – and I mean tons!
This is called Summer In The Park.
Now, I thought about something here.  If I were only to make the 6 items I’ve shown here and nothing else from the magazine – break that down from the $9.99 cost and each of these patterns only cost me $1.67.  I’m liking that!
One last things about his magazine.  It has a very unique feature to it.  All the patterns are written by one person.  That’s it!  It’s like buying a book really.  Jenny Doan of The Missouri Quilt Company is the soul designer on most of the quilts – there are a few that her daughters have created also, but everything was produced right there at The Missouri Quilt Company!
This magazine is produced by Fon’s and Porter and has a Spring 2013 date on it!
Happy Quilting!

2 thoughts on “Simple, Easy & Quick!”

  1. I like the more involved quilting myself. It's more enjoyable to sit down and work on a detailed project and spend time with it than hurrying up to get on to something else. But there are times, when you have to make something in a hurry so it's nice to know there are options 🙂


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