Jinny Beyer Comes To Town!

At one of the Quilt Guilds I belong to in the area, they had a very special, kind, sweet and talented guest speaker visit.
Last month Jinny Beyer came to town.  Her talk on how she chooses color, her quilts and her spirit were such a joy.  I admire Jinny’s quilts and truly – if you ever have the chance to meet her or take a class from her – do it.  You will not be disappointed at all!
Here’s some pictures I too from that special night!

5 thoughts on “Jinny Beyer Comes To Town!”

  1. I have always thought of Jinny being the queen of hand piecing and still consider her so even if her name is not mentioned as much in recent years – she is the one who let me know through her work that it was ok to still be a hand piecer and hand quilter when so much is just aimed at machine work now. So glad you had a chance to hear her.


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