Scrap bags, gotta love ’em!

With one of my recent orders from Homestead Hearth Quilt Shop, I also ordered one of their “1800’s Only Scrap Bags” of fabric.
Holy Cow! I love every piece that I received!  What is it about scraps of fabric that I just love.  There are some nice size chunks of fabric in these bags all for $9.00!!!  I’ll be ordering more for sure!  Love me some scraps!
Here is a link to the Scrap Bags so you can order one or two or more also!

7 thoughts on “Scrap bags, gotta love ’em!”

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  2. Tara if you are ever down near my little corner of the world you really need to visit their actual store! It's just 30 minutes away from me. I don't get there but once in a blue moon.


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