Hands All Around Quilt Blocks

Yesterday I posted a picture on my FaceBook page of a quilt block that I’m currently in love with. This is going to be a long term project for me. One of those where I work on blocks here and there in between designing new quilt patterns and working on upcoming books!

Here are the blocks I have done so far. This block I am working on can go by a few names but I think it’s most commenly known as the “Hands All Around” quilt block.

I referenced Barbara Brackmans book Encyclopedia of Pieced Quilt Patterns and here are some other names that this block has appeared in print as:

Center Table Quilt
All Hands Around
Wreath Of Lillie’s
Old Fashioned Star Quilt.

The pattern I’m using comes from this book:

This book – actually there were two books in the series, contain tons of quilt patterns and the templates on clear plastic. This is a binder style book and was one of those clubs you could join years ago and you received a packet of patterns a month for a small fee. I was lucky enough to find the complete set on amazon.com a while back. I’ve seen these binders popping up on eBay also. There are also a couple of eBay sellers that sell the individual patterns in their shops. So you could do an ebay search for just the name of this pattern if you are interested in it!

The main center fabric I’m using is a Judie Rothermel print and comes with these vintage ladies printed in color or you kind find it with the ladies printed in brown on cream fabric. Both are gorgeous!

I’m hand piecing my blocks and hope to have a nice queen size quilt or larger when I’m finished!

Here’s a couple other photos that I posted on Facebook a few months back when I started this project!

In this last photo you see the pattern and the plastic templates!

If we are not friends on Facebook – come over and see me! My personal page is under my name Tara Lynn Darr and my business page is under the name Sew Unique Creations. If you are really into quilting and would like to see the gazillion and one photos I post – come “like” my business page!

Have a great day!

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9 thoughts on “Hands All Around Quilt Blocks”

  1. Hands all around is my favorite block and I have that exact pattern. I have not started it because I find inset seams so challenging so I hope to start it in my later years when I hope life has slowed down a bit and I have more patience. Your blocks are beautiful.


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