7 thoughts on “Silly Sunday”

  1. That is only part of the paragraph written in 'The Singer Sewing Book' by Mary Brooks Picken published by the Singer Sewing Machine Company. This is under the paragraph titled Mentally', but they also added a few lines from the paragraph titled Physically. There is one titled Physically, and one titled Plan for Sewing Time, also. These all appear on page 3 of the book. It all seems quite funny now, in our world, but quite seriously then.


  2. I love this! If I had to make myself \”as attractive as possible\” and \”have my hair in order\” before I sewed, I don't think I'd make it to the sewing machine. This is great…thanks for sharing. :O)


  3. I love this! My mother was a stay-at-home mom with 5 children, and she pretty much epitomized these sewing guidelines (except maybe for the French chalk). Since retirement, I (on the other hand) have been known to sew all day in sweats, waiting until just before my husband gets home to shower, dress, and pull something together for dinner.


  4. So THAT is why I don't sew on a Singer!My best sewing time is when hubby is out of town ~ no cleaning, cooking, grocery store (I do brush my hair and teeth). If someone comes to the door, I ignore it.Charlsey


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