Does anyone out there in blog land remember a pattern by Blackbird Designs that uses these small 3/4″ hexagons? If I remember correctly its a table runner – was on the cover of the booklet and probably came out about 4 or 5 years ago? Maybe longer. I do remember the book was not full size – it was a small booklet? If you can think of the name of it let me know. I came across a UFO bin with these pretty Hexies and more cut out and ready to go – but no pattern or book with it. I’ve torn through my book shelves looking for it too!

Puppy update – all the pups are doing great. Momma Bridget had to stop nursing because she got matatis which is an ugly infection. So I’ve been bottle feeding these seven little cuties. Just like having seven babies in the house all at once! LOL

That explains why I haven’t been around blog land that much!

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6 thoughts on “Help!”

  1. Could it be the Sunday Brunch table runner from their book, Sweet Summer? I looked at all my Blackbird Designs book's and booklets and that was the only one I found that used the 3/4\” hexagons. The top half of the book cover shows the table runner with a punch needle picture laying on it and the bottom half is pink with small pictures of other projects in the book. That might help you locate it.


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