A Few Of My Furry Friends

Yesterday I mentioned that something has been keeping me a little busy lately. Let me show you…….

This is Bridget and her seven sweet adorable pups born bright and early New Years Eve morning.

To back this story up a bit – Bridget is not our dog, we are her foster parents and it happened quite by accident and very quickly. Bridget was saved on December 30th from being put to death by a local animal shelter. This sweet Momma was due to give birth soon – very soon. When taken to the vet on the 31st, the ladies from the shelter learned she would probably go into labor that very evening.

I was helping, along with my son at an adoption event for some of the other dogs on the 31st and learned that Bridget desperately needed a foster home to go to and have her pups so she could feel safe and warm and not be alone at night at the shelter in case of complications.

I could not stand the thought of this sweet, scared and very gentle Momma dog being all alone. So home with us she came. Needless to say – dear hubby was shocked but as usual he just went with the flow and we made room for Bridget.

My daughter Ashley and I made up her temporary living quarters and made her comfortable. We both slept on the floor next to her in anticipation of the births on the 31st. By 6:50 am on New Years Eve she had her first pup and over the next few hours she had five little boy pups and two girls. All adorably sweet and healthy. The second one to be born gave me a little scare as he did not want to breath, but with a little coaxing we got the poor little fella breathing and we cried because we nearly lost him.

Momma Bridget was not liking her dog food that the shelter provided for her and was already under nourished. So yesterday I learned to make her own “gourmet” dog food mix. Plum full of good natural human foods that are high in vitamins and fats, mixed with her doggie food so that she would eat. What a learning experience this has been!

Thankfully our own dog and cat have “allowed” her to be in their home with no complications.

This is our cat Bella dressed as Santa on Christmas Day – outfit courtesy of my daughter that loves to dress her up! She doesn’t look to happy in this picture!

This is our dog Harley back in the summer when it was warmer and he was my daily companion outside on our deck. He would sit there all day with me on his own deck chair as I sewed away our wrote pattern directions on the laptop!

I’ll be back a little later to announce the winner for the pattern giveaway! If you missed yesterday’s blog post – you might want to go read it, as I have two extra patterns to giveaway. My kids will be drawing the winning names later today!

Chat more later – I’m off to sew for awhile and then I need to make some more doggy chow! LOL

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15 thoughts on “A Few Of My Furry Friends”

  1. I have a big soft heart when it comes to animals and always say I could never work with animals or I'd bring them all home…like you did! Your her angel.


  2. Oh my gosh! Thank you for saving this dog! AND her pups!! What a heart-wrenching, yet sweet, sweet story. These dogs are so cute! What fun it will be nurturing these little babies for a while.Have a blessed New Year!


  3. Let me be the first to thank you and Ashley for helping Bridget. I'm so deeply happy that she found a safe, warm and secure place to have her precious babies. God bless you both.Hubby and I are close to, and volunteer for, the AZ Weimaraner Rescue down in Phoenix. We now have 4 Weimaraners.


  4. You brought tears to my eyes. Those puppies are precious. I am appalled that a shelter would put her to death a day away from giving birth. Congratulations to you and your family for doing the right thing.


  5. Wow, what a start to the new year (or end of old?) So grateful you took them home where they could be safe and warm. Saving lives is wonderful.


  6. I love that you took Bridget home with you – I will never understand how people hurt and discard animals. The puppies are so cute. Glad the rest of your furry family are dealing well with the newcomers!


  7. Bless you Tara, for being such a kind person and giving this momma a home to have her babies in. Also bless your hubby for putting up with it! All my pets are adoptions, including five, 7 month old kittens.Melinda


  8. You brought tears to my eyes with this post. Bless you for helping Bridget. My schnauzer disappered a few weeks ago and my husband and I were distraught. We hunted high and low. He returned home during the middle of the night. Those were the best barks we ever heard. Harley is adorable we had a bassett named Libby and my son has one named Zues. What's not to love.


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