Quilts In Everyday Life Book Review

Quilts In Everyday Life, 1855-1955 – written by Janet E Finley and published by Schiffer publications.  I love this book – it’s a sweet coffee table style book plum full of photos of people and quilts.  The sweet stories/descriptions that follow each of the photos have been a joy to read.

While there are no quilt patterns in this book – it is still worth having in your quilt book collection.  Just the inspiring photos alone are worth the cost of the book.  
I love some of the sewing bee photos in this book and really treasure the photos involving little children so sweetly posing for the camera long ago.
Above is the back cover of the book showing you just a few more of the beautiful old photographs in this book!  
Be sure to ask at your local quilt shop about this book and have them order it for you! You are in for a real treat in owning this book so wonderfully written and illustrated!
Happy Stitching!

2 thoughts on “Quilts In Everyday Life Book Review”

  1. I just love this sort of book showing quilting days from long ago – I had not heard of this one – and have just ordered it. So thank you so much for blogging about it! It will be a New Year treat to myself!


  2. Olá!Eu já vi este livro em algum lugar aqui no Brasil,mas não sei onde…Vou procurar,eu acho esta capa o MÁXIMO,gostaria de uma ampliação para colocar em frente a minha máquina para me lembrar toda hora desta dignidade e altivez desta senhora.Obrigada por recomendar este livro.FELIZ ANO NOVO!FELIZ ANO TODO!!!!Beijos.


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