Dear Miss Rosie…. You are so smart!

My dear friend Miss Rosie – you are such a smart doggie.  You and your Momma are a true blessing.  I wish I were as smart as you to think of something this fabulous!
Above is the link to the blog post that will explain everything – and you just have to go read the post.
Above is the link to take you directly to the quilts being auctioned off on Ebay right now!
Carrie you are such a gem and I wish you much success with this thoughtful endeavor.  Give Miss Rosie a hug for me too!

1 thought on “Dear Miss Rosie…. You are so smart!”

  1. Rosie says Hi'. She was a little worried that I might try to auction off one of her toys, balls or rocks… but when she realized it was just quilts, she was okay with that. She figures she's a Jersey girl too – once removed. Thank you for the kind words – I appreciate them even though I think they are probably quite undeserved. This seems like such a small thing to do to repay the many blessings I've been fortunate enough to have been given in my life – like wonderful, kind friends like you. So thank you for the \”shout out\”, I appreciate it. Merry Christmas – I hope you and your family have a safe, happy, Merry Christmas!


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