The Quilters Women & Domestic Art Book Review

I was recently gifted with the wonderful book titled “The Quilters Women & Domestic Art: An Oral History” written by Patricia Cooper and Norma Bradley Allen.  My great friend Pam Buda of Heartspun Quilts gave me this treasure of a book – how sweet of her was that!
I spent yesterday evening reading this oral history book and loving the images of the old quilts and the black and white photos of quilters.  I was amused at some of the stories.  It’s a great book to just sit and read with a nice cup of coffee or tea in the evening and think about women of long ago and their quilting!
Here are some images from the book!

And coming soon…..

6 thoughts on “The Quilters Women & Domestic Art Book Review”

  1. These are wonderful quilts! And don't you just love to see old pics of women together working on a quilt on a frame. They always look so sweet and happy to be there; having social time while quilting. I love that!


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