New to me quilt frame!

I’m so excited! I’m getting ready to hand quilt this evening on a “new to me” “slightly used” quilt frame! A few weeks ago I bought this collapsible quilt frame for a whooping $10 at a quilt show. Can you believe that!

You see, I’m excited about this because I just do not have the room in my home for one of those big gorgeous floor model frames, so I figured for ten bucks – I’d give this one a try!

I love to hand quilt but taught myself to do it by just holding the quilt in my lap – no round hoop and no frame. I love hand quilting this way. The few times I’ve attempted to quilt on a frame was a challenge for me and killed my back!

So tonight I have this quilt loaded on the frame and I’m ready to give frame quilting another try. I’ve been hand quilting on this quilt for three or four years now. I usually just pull It out in the fall and winter because I’m using a nice wool quilt batt and having all that on my lap can get really warm!

Here she is all loaded up and ready to roll!

Here’s a close up of my quilting! I created a baptist fan template to use on this quilt! You can see that in the first picture of this post!

And here’s Miss Bella getting ready to help me quilt!  Wish me luck this evening!

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10 thoughts on “New to me quilt frame!”

  1. That is a nice frame, wish I could find something like that. I was looking at the plastic ones that you clamp on, thought that might be nice for quilting and punch rugs.Debbie


  2. This looks to be a nice frame and a nice size. I have a floor frame that can be extended all the way up to king size, but that does take up a lot of room. I like this size and what a great price! My goodness, you can't buy a hand hoop for that price!Good luck and let us know how you like it. Isn't the fall and winter such a nice time for hand quilting?!Blessings,Suesimplypiecefulquilting.com


  3. Good luck and enjoy the frame. I've always used a hoop, but got a small frame as a \”hand me down\” and this year, decided to give it a try. The only bother for me is that my quilt is way bigger than the frame and I feel like a lady in a hoop skirt, trying to keep it out from under my chair; always flinging it behind the frame and out of the way. The dog loves to come in and lay on part of it at my feet. Have fun. Lane


  4. What a bargain! I'm anxious to know how it goes. I love to hand quilt and use a 14\” hoop. That way I can turn it any direction to make it easier to reach the area I'm working on. I have always wondered if I would like a quilt frame. Best of luck with it!


  5. Well HECK-YEE-OW!! Bargain deluxe!! I have one similar to this only with PVC pipe my hubby made for me. I like it pretty good. I also have a VONDA frame upstairs over a bed, yes, like you said it is a little back hurting, it's like it's too tall and I can't quilt out from the edge very far 'cause I can't see where my quilting lines are. Right now I am using a 14\” lap hoop, must say I am struggling with this one too. Makes my left hand hurt for trying to work the needle from underneath and hold the hoop up at the same time,,,,aaarrrgh!!! I am still just trying to find the right equipment that works for me…..LOVE the hand quilting too much!Your fans are looking good, one of my favorite quilt designs! Good luck trying your new frame, hope it works for you!!


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