Quilt Festival, Fabric and Quilt Patterns

Well, my morning started off on a great note!  International Quilt Festival has just announced they are bringing a show back to Chicago!  I’m just tickled pink about this!  June, 2013 – I’ll be there with bells on!  
You can read more about that announcement here:
Next up on exciting news – I think I’ve got it all figured out on my website now!  Many of you have asked for Instant Download style patterns from us.  I kind of drug my feet on this for awhile for many different reasons and I’m still not to sure if everything will run smoothly, but you can now shop on our website for instant downloadable quilting patterns for purchase!
Come test it out for me and make sure it’s all working ok!
Click on the feathered star logo below to check this newest addition to our website out:
And lastly for today – I’ve uploaded the remaining fat quarter bundles in our inventory on our website.  There are a few good ones left at great prices!  Here’s the link for those – just click on the fabric bundle!!
I’m off to hand applique for a little while and then it’s on to the chiropractor for me today!  Have a great day!!!

5 thoughts on “Quilt Festival, Fabric and Quilt Patterns”

  1. I like pdf patterns, I enjoy being able to get them right away and start working on them. I like the southern comfort quilt, that is a pattern design I have been thinking about making someday.Debbie


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