A finish!!!

My Merry Go Round quilt is finished!!
The original quilt pattern for this quilt called Merry Go Round can be found in American Patchwork & Quilting Magazine February 2012 issue. It is designed by Kimberly Walus of the following blog www.bittybitsandpieces.blogspot.com

This week my daughter is away at summer camp.  This is a first for our family – my children have never been away from either my husband or I for very long and so far she seems to be doing really well and enjoying herself.  Here’s what we got in the mail today:

Is that not sweet!

As for me – I’m glad to be done with the Merry Go Round quilt because now my design wall is freed up and I can move on to other fun new designs.

But for the rest of today, an old favorite hand stitching project is calling my name – if you need me, I’ll be out on the back deck stitching away with a nice big glass of peach tea!

12 thoughts on “A finish!!!”

  1. Wonderful finish and beautiful quilt and I do love your hexagons, nice project to work on, outside. My kids never went to camp, not that many opportunities around here for good ones and we were lucky to have a nice neighborhood that they kids could roam around in.Debbie


  2. Oh I don't like for my kids to be away either, but I guess it is good for them sometimes…I love that quilt! Seems like so many quilts now days look so much alike. I love it when I find a pattern that sorta jumps out at me, like this one. I may have to back order that issue, because I really like your quilt.Have a wonderful and Blessed dayKristie


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