Oswego, Illinois Outdoor Quilt Show 2012

Two Saturday’s ago I was able to visit the 1st ever Outdoor Quilt Show in Oswego, Illinois.
This show was outstanding!  It was so wonderful to view quilts outside and the lighting was excellent for taking photos – which of course I’ll share with you!
Prairie Stitches Quilt Shop of Oswego, Illinois and their employees and many other volunteers worked extremely hard to make this show happen and I’m looking forward to it again in the future.  Edyta Sitar of Laundry Basket Quilts was their featured Quilt Star 
and she was signing her new book which you might recognize below – and showing her quilts.

And without further ado – here is a link to my photo album of the quilts that I had the pleasure of viewing.  I did my best to photograph each of the tags with each quilt also, but I was not able to do every single one as it was a little windy outside and some of the tag photos just didn’t turn out so hot.  Enjoy!!

8 thoughts on “Oswego, Illinois Outdoor Quilt Show 2012”

  1. I like the quilt labels that were used. You did a nice presentation of the quilts, close-ups, and labels of the quilts. Did the group worry about whether it would rain?


  2. I grabbed my lunch to eat and enjoy your quilt show at the same time. You captured so many great quilts and also great to read the labels for the quilter's inspiration. My favorites, Big House, great prim colors and a Brannock pattern. Blackbirds, wool and cotton applique, always my favorite style, another applique and not my usual style, but love the bright colors with the funky applique style, Beachy, a Karen Stone pattern.Nancy in MT


  3. Tara, thank you for taking the time to post all these pictures. I love, love, love Quilt Shows. They are so inspirational. I feel like I've visited the show!I think I'm going to have to really travel and take a class with Edyta. She's my kind of quilter..lots of fabric, lots of pieces. Thank you again for sharing.


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