Pattern Winner Update

Hello Everyone!  We are back from an extremely successful and fun Quilt Market!  I know everyone is excited to see who the winners are for the pattern give-aways we’ve been running for the past several days, so without further delay – here are the winners and their blogs if they have one!
Be sure and stop by their blogs and congratulate them by leaving them a little comment!
#428 Fall Frolic Pattern
Sue of
#410 Primitive Garden pattern
? of
#411 Harvest Medallion pattern
Kyle of
#412 Ashley’s Bouquet pattern
Billie Bee of
#413 Savannah pattern
#414 Charleston pattern
Gloria who participates in the following 2 blogs!
#415 Spirit Of The Season pattern
#416 Antique Floral Pennyrug and #417 Oak Leaves & Berries Penny Mat patterns
Sandra of
#429 Pomegranate Dance pattern
Carolyn of
#430 Turkey Red pattern
#420 Ho Ho Ho Pennyrug Pattern
#421 Let It Snow Pennyrug Pattern
#422 Love Never Melts Pennyrug Pattern
Darlene of 
If the winners are reading this – please contact me at sewunique7@aol.com with your snail mail address and I’ll get your winning patterns shipped out the beginning of next week!  Congrat’s everyone!

6 thoughts on “Pattern Winner Update”

  1. Tara, I was thrilled to see my name as a winner of one of your wonderful patterns, Harvest Medallion. Thanks you so much for sharing.


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