Quilt Market Set Up!

We have been enjoying beautiful weather here in Kansas City! This morning I head back to the Convention Center to put the final touches on my booth. I’m so proud of how my Quilt Market booth is looking so far and cannot wait to share pictures with you when it’s ready! I’ve been working extremely hard these past few weeks so that I could introduce several new quilt patterns to various shop owners around the world!

This morning I’m enjoying the peace and quiet in my hotel room stitching and getting my “Market Brain” ready for another busy day!

Here is my hand stitching set up in my hotel room – two great chairs, cute little table and an awesome view of downtown Kansas City.

I really lucked out with the location of my hotel room! I’m on the 15th floor and have a spectacular view of Downtown and the Convention Center is just to the right in the photo above!

Here is the project I’m hand piecing this morning! I’ve been working on this project on and off for a couple of years now!

I really am such a homebody and prefer to stay at home, so when I travel for business, I try to bring a few comforts from home! That includes my own pillow to sleep with and one of my quilts for the bed. This time I brought this one shown above! You might remember me working on this one last year!

Wish me luck here in Kansas City! And be sure to check in daily for our new pattern design give-always!

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11 thoughts on “Quilt Market Set Up!”

  1. That is so clever of you to bring your pillow and a quilt from home! Of course you would sleep better under a quilt than whatever they provide at a hotel! Love you handpiecing project! I hope market goes very well for you.


  2. One thing I won't do anymore is carry in a pillow…don't mean to scare you but think if there is a possible bed bug problem…I tell ya I've heard some stories and I immediately stopped bringing in my own bedding and I keep the suitcase up on dresser away and off carpeting. Just a thought…


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