Take Your Child To Work Day & Book Review!!!

It’s take your child to work day today! So my daughter stayed home from school and is working here today! She’s busy running the copier right now then she will be assembling patterns and packing a few orders that are waiting to go out today. I think I’ll take advantage of having a helper today and have her ride her bike to pick up lunch – SubWay maybe?? That’s an easy and close bike ride! Hmmm, what else can I add to her to-do list today! I’m loving this!

So far on FaceBook I’ve gotten a bunch of suggestions as to what activities to have her perform – my favorite so far has been – pay the business bills from her allowance!  LOL – now that would be a learning experience for sure for her!!! Another favorite suggestion is to have her design a new pattern!  How fun would that be – I love that idea!

So far, my daughter Ashley is running the copier like a pro!  She’s folded and assembled patterns before, but never invoiced or packed orders – I’m sure she can handle it with supervision of course!

Ashley is 13 years old and very intelligent, thoughtful and caring.  When she approaches a project she is so focused on that one thing – un-like me, where as I tend to bounce a little here and there because my mind is always running in 100 directions!

This is Ashley on her first day of kindergarten!

Here’s Ashley when she was about 9 years old.

Here is a more recent photo of Ashley while we were on vacation!

I sure wish the High School my son attends would participate in Take Your Child To Work Day – 2 helpers in one day – could you imagine!  I would love that! If you would like more information on this special “holiday” for the kids check out this website:

Now on to the book review – Little Miss Kathie from Inspired By Antique Quilts blog gets me in so much trouble with all the wonderful books she tells me about.  Here is my latest acquisition:

The new Liberated Medallion Quilts book by Gwen Marston.  I love it!  I’m a huge Gwen fan – and would love to attend one of her retreats!  This book is so inspirational!  This book has wonderful photographing, information and patterns!

If you would like more information on the book or to order it visit Gwen’s page here:

I’m off to see what other jobs I can line up for my daughter!  I’m enjoying this “boss” thing – I could really handle this everyday!

Have a good one everybody!

5 thoughts on “Take Your Child To Work Day & Book Review!!!”

  1. How fun for you to have your daughter as a big help today.I also have this wonderfully awesome book of Gwen's ,and I too, am a huge fan of hers. One of these days I will head up north to her retreats she has. How awesome that will be!! This book is just fantastic. What project to work on first?!


  2. what a treat to have a helper for the day! I agree have her design a little quilt that would be fun.or a wool mat. Would be fun to see you make the same thing in your fabric colors too.Enjoy every minute with her before you know it she will be off to college….Kathie


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