Today’s Agenda

One more day closer to Quilt Market and one more new project ready to roll – well almost….
This is what part of my design wall looks like this morning –
I’ll give you a little peak at what’s under some of that fabric – 
Pumpkins have sprouted here at the sewing patch!  I’m in a fall mood today – or at least I’m trying to be, even though spring has barely begun in our world!
My ever faithful helpers are already on break and the day is still new and fresh.  Geez, can’t find good help anymore!
And also – please excuse these fuzzy, not so clear photos this morning.  You can thank my Dear Hubby and Dear Son for these terrible snapshots, you see I had to use my cell phone to take these pictures! Why you ask – let me tell you – they were working in my office this past weekend installing a new printer and new software.  My digital card for my camera was in my computers processor and someone hit it and bent it to pieces (it sticks out the front of my processor) – I just discovered it this morning – uuughhhhh – I must go to Best Buy and get another one – there’s another quilt show this weekend!
Look at this thing –
Someone is in deep doo-doo……  just saying!  LOL

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